George, S T-shirts Essay

GEORGE, S T –SHIRTSThe case about George’s T-shirts can be studied or analyzed by grouping the material into eight different categories.Introduction?George Lassiter, a project engineer for a major defense contractor and also an entrepreneur who manufactures and designs special events T-shirts?He has owned this lucrative T-shirt business for six years?Designed T-shirts for “special events” such as rock concerts, major sporting events, and special fund-raising events.?Provided cleverly designed, well-produced, and reasonably priced products?Product not endorsed by event sponsors?Distributed products on surrounding streets and parking lotsDefining the problemThe case points out the main issue that George Lassiter is confronted with and this is whether he should place an order for 5000, 7500 or 10000 T-shirts for the upcoming eventsObjectivesThe main objective of the case is to find out the possible financial outcome if he places order for 5000, 7500 or 10,000 T-shirts George also has to take into consideration the amount that he will pay to find out the number of people who will attend the concert.

Looking at the three different scenarios George should place an order of 10,000 T-shirts because that will yield maximum profit Order size Expected Profit 5000 $ 20314 7500 $25238 10000 $ 26553?The SWOT Analysis can also be used to evaluate the case.StrengthsDemonstrates a high level of incoming cash flowsEstablishes clientele of vendorsEffectively utilizes research and developmentWeaknessesUnbalanced ratio of customer to salesLack of endorsement from event sponsorsLimited access to products by customer baseOpportunitiesExpand its product line to other eventsEstablish stronger customer relationship with vendors and clientele Establish a supply chain endorsed by event sponsorThreatsEstablish a supply chain endorsed by event sponsorEndorsed competition by event sponsorsEndorsed competition by event sponsorsLooking at the case and the various alternatives that George has to choose from it will be in the interest of the company to place order for 10,000 t shirts because that will generate more profit even though he can’t predict the number of people who will show up at the concert

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