George Orwell Essay Research Paper Biography Report

George Orwell Essay, Research PaperBiography Report In any author & # 8217 ; s life, there are many of import people who can impact the author & # 8217 ; s work. In George Orwell the Political Pen, By Keith Ferrell, the schoolmaster of St. Cyprian and his married woman, Mr. and Mrs.

Vaughan Wilkes influenced Orwell & # 8217 ; s works. The British writer George Orwell, pen name for Eric Blair, was born in 1903 in the Indian Village Motihari. At the immature age of eight, Eric Blair was packed off to get oning school at St. Cyprian & # 8217 ; s where he was an foreigner. He was one of the really few scholarship pupils among affluent kids of upper category.

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Blair learned rapidly plenty, under the firm counsel of Mr. and Mrs. Vaughan Wilkes, St. Cyprian & # 8217 ; s had developed a regimen for the male childs designed to beef up their characters, to transfuse in them the rough subject they would enforce on them. The school maestro and his married woman used boots and caresses to maintain the male childs in line. Mrs. Wilkes dominated school life far more than did her hubby. She was invariably on patrol, walking up and down the halls in hunt of male childs offending the school & # 8217 ; s rigorous regulations.

Those male childs would be penalized badly. St. Cyprian instilled adulthood in its pupils, and the pupils were expected to expose adulthood from the twenty-four hours they arrived.

Anything less was a denial of their category and duties. There was besides a feeling at St. Cyprian & # 8217 ; s that the boys & # 8217 ; mail was closely scrutinized by Mrs. Wilkes, and that remarks which reflected ill upon the school would non merely be censored, but would besides convey down penalty on the missive author.In academic affairs, lessons were taught by rote, with memorisation instead than understanding. The instructors and disposals were less concerned with whether or non the pupils really understood the stuff than they were with whether or non their charges would be able to give the right replies on the trials they would confront when seeking to acquire into a esteemed public school, as private high schools are known in Britain. Therefore, the pupils were non taught, but were handed facts to be memorized to go through the entryway test. Since Eric Blair thrived on true acquisition, this school was non for him.

He could non bear to state his parents about the school since his parents were fighting so much to pay the tuition. These experiences were George Orwell & # 8217 ; s first gustatory sensation of absolutism, for he was being incapacitated under the regulation of an absolute power. Orwell transferred these feelings of hatred for unquestioning obeisance to authorization to Winston Smith, who in Nineteen Eighty Four, finds himself trapped in a rough totalitarian universe where the Party attempts to command everything, even thought and emotion. However, unlike Winston Smith, who was defeated by society and his ain failings, George Orwell & # 8217 ; s life was ended with victory.

In decision, Mr. and Mrs. Wilkes put George Orwell through the alone experiences of his school life, which he uses to make the life incubus in the novel Nineteen Eighty Four.


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