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George Meade Essay, Research PaperMake you cognize who was the general for the Second Battle of Bull Run? Everyone knowswhat the Second Battle of Bull Run is but who was the general? Some people even knowthat the North won that conflict. Most people do non cognize that General George Meadedefeated General Lee at that conflict. General George Mead accomplished much duringwartime.General George Meade had many achievements during wartime. First of wholly, hedefeated General Lee at the Second Battle of Bull Run. Why would non General Meadecrush General Lee at this conflict and stop the war at that place? Facts say that heavy fog and rainforced Meade to halt. Likewise, on June 1, ! 863 a surprise brush forced his military personnelsinto the Battle of Gettysburg, the greatest conflict on American dirt.

This conflict came aboutwhen General Lee & # 8217 ; s ground forces needed places. The two forces met here on accident and fought toa triumph for the North. Lee acknowledged his licking and retreated to Virginia. Not merelydid Meade service in the Civil War, but besides served in the Mexican War. He served in theconflicts of Palo Alto, Monterey, and Veracruz. During these he served under GeneralZachory Taylor. To sum up, General George Meade accomplished many things during hisclip at war.Each of General George Meade & # 8217 ; s achievements had one major consequence on howlife is today.

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To get down, if Meade had non defeated Lee at the Second Battle of Bull Run thewar would non hold started off positively for the North. This was of import because thesoldiers gained their assurance when they won this conflict. If the North would hold lostthe full war the U.

S. would be two different states. Second, Meade & # 8217 ; s licking of Leeat the inadvertent Gettysburg. This was a conflict that turned the war around and gave theNorth the advantage. This was the North & # 8217 ; s first triumph in a long clip. Finally, if the U.

S.had non hold won the Mexican War, Where Meade served as a soldier, the U.S. wouldnonrich person gained the southwest part of the state. This, as you remember, was where thegold haste took topographic point that caused the state to distribute out over the land.

As has beenshown, Meade & # 8217 ; s achievements had many effects on how life is lived today.There are many things that would be different if George Meade had ne’er lived.For one thing, the North might non hold won the first conflict of the war doing the soldiersto lose assurance and possibly lose the war. If the South had won the war the U.S.

wouldbe split into two states right now. Besides, if the North did non the greatest conflict onAmerican dirt, Gettysburg, it could hold been the terminal of the war right at that place at Gettysburg.If the North would hold lost the war the U.S. would be two different states, as was saidbefore. Last, if the U.S. had non won the Mexican War we would hold lost some of ourland to Mexico.

The U.S. would hold besides non had the Gold Rush that took topographic point inCalifornia. In decision, the state would hold been really different if George Meade hadne’er lived.General George Meade accomplished much during wartime. Most people do noncognize that Meade defeated Lee at the Second Battle of Bull Run.

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