George ethics, novels, music, and the theater

George Washington was the first child ofAugustine Washington and his second wife Mary Ball Washington. He was born ontheir Pope’s Creek Estate near Colonial Beach in Westmoreland County,Rappahannock River in Fredericksburg, Virginia (George, n.d.). He was born onFebruary 11, 1731, according to the Julian calendar (George, n.d.

). GeorgeWashington died on December 14, 1799, at the age of 67, at Mount Vernon,Virginia, U.S, and the cause of his death is Epiglottitis and hypovolemic shock(George, n.d).                                                               Early InfluencesThree major influences contributed toWashington are the Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior in Company andguidance from his half-brother Lawrence Washington, and the influence ofLawrence’s in-laws, the Fairfax family. George Washington’s biggest influenceis from his older brother, Lawrence (Colonial, 2018).

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From Lawrence, Washingtonlearned trigonometry and surveying and cultivated a taste for ethics, novels,music, and the theater (Colonial, 2018). From his brother, he got aspirationsfor military service (Colonial, 2018). Another influence on George Washington’slife was from the powerful Fairfax family of neighboring Belvoir, whointroduced him to the accomplishments and proprieties of mannered wealth andprovided him his first adventure (Colonial, 2018). It was on this expeditionthat George began to appreciate the uses and value of land (Colonial, 2018).                                                                    EducationUpon the death of George Washington’sfather in 1743, George’s formal schooling had come to an end (Education, 2015).He attended a grammar school run by Reverend James Marye, the rector of St.George’s Parish as well as from a school run by an Anglican clergyman(Education,  2015). Therefore, the extent of youngGeorge’s formal educational training was in basic mathematics, reading, andwriting (Education, 2015).

The death of his father prevented Washington from the education at England’sAppleby School such as older brothers had received (Education, 2015).  Despite being denigrated by otherwell-educated founding fathers, George Washington’s informal training did muchto advance his career (Education, 2015). Most important is his humble,controlled, and respectful demeanor won the hearts of the American people andestablished him as a national icon (Education, 2015). George Washington hadnever attended any college, though The College of William & Mary issued hima surveyor’s certificate (Top Inspired. 2014).                                                       Major Accomplishments George Washington is the one who markedthe leadership of the country (Top Inspired, 2014). He was the very firstPresident of the United States of America (Top Inspired, 2014). One of themajor accomplishments is during his military services, which began in theFrench and Indian War in Monongahela during the year 1755 (Top Inspired, 2014).

During the battle in 1755, Washington showed great valor (Top Inspired, 2014).After returning to Virginia with the battered army, he was given the new rankof colonel and was officially named as the Commander-In-Chief of the Virginiaregiment (Top Inspired, 2014). On June 19, 1775, George Washington wasselected to lead the Continental Army in U.

S based on the previous militaryexperience he had (Top Inspired, 2014). Later he was commissioned as theGeneral and Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army (Top Inspired,2014).  George Washington became thefirst President of the United States of America in 1789 (Top Inspired2014).

Heserved two times as a president when the re-election came for the second timein 1793 (Top Inspired, 2014).  He organized the first United StatesCabinet and the Executive Branch and even signed the Judiciary Act of 1789 andmade it into a law by George Washington, which shows the basic outline of thefederal court system (Top Inspired, 2014). He also plays a major role inbringing amendments to the US Constitution through the Bill Of Rights in 1789that contained guarantees of essential rights and liberties (Top Inspired,2014). Another major achievement of GeorgeWashington is that he signed the Naval Act in 1794 to establish a permanentstanding naval force for the United States of America, which now eventuallybecame the present-day US Navy (Top Inspired, 2014).

At the first VirginiaConvention, George Washington was elected as a Delegate member to the FirstContinental Congress from 1774 to 1789 (Top Inspired, 2014).                                                             Significance George Washington is a significant figureand is referred to as the father of the United States, for the role he playedin the founding of the country (Interexchange, 2018). He served in the AmericanRevolutionary War as Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army and under hismilitary and political leadership (Interexchange, 2018). He gained independencefor the United States from Great Britain in 1783 (Interexchange, 2018). Hisface is on every U.S. one-dollar bill (Interexchange, 2018). He is best knownfor his leadership style, political ideas and revolutionary vision for theUnited States of America (Interexchange, 2018).

As an honor to him, thenation’s capital, along with 1 state, 31 counties and 17 cities are named inWashington (Interexchange, 2018). As a young man, George Washington worked as asurveyor and then he fought in the French and Indian War during the year 1754to 1763 (History, 2018). In the year 1787, he was elected as the president ofthe convention that wrote the U.S. Constitution (History, 2018).

Two yearslater, Washington became America’s first president. He again reelected as the presidentfor the second time (History,2018).


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