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Generation Z is what they are calling those who have been using technology and social media since a young age.Technology has changed the game of high school romance. Snapchat, Instagram, and all other means of media have consumed today’s teens. When it comes to romance and students how exactly do they interact with one another? Health and Medical Sciences junior Rosa Ramos says, “Technology has become involved a lot because before we didn’t have anything, so you could obviously see them in person but now you can facetime them, call, and message.”Now having constant communication by messaging them or even talking face to face through a screen changed how we communicate.

Online dating has taken a considerable ration of those who are actually dating. The Pew research center calculates around 8% of teens report dating they first met online.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            There is an uncertainty that technology puts into a relationship. When having a significant other there is a possibility that the will be sharing of photos to please one other.

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Some studies estimate that about 50% of teens have engaged in sexting at one point or another. Health and Medical Sciences junior Xochitl Sawyer says, “I feel like sending those types of pictures it turns into what the relationship is and they are always asking for them.” It has become normal with the atmosphere that teens are in now.

Teens today are exposed to more sexualized content than any other generation from music videos to advertisements. Social media has opened the possibilities to meeting someone to an endless pool of potential interests. Not only are they able to interact with students in their school but with everyone around the world. Increasing the potential danger of a predator getting in contact with them. These predators often take several months gaining their trust and pretending to be an age they are not. There have been several cases in which this has happened.

BBC News reported Amanda Todd as one of the many victims. After the fifteen-year-old was convinced to share a nude photo, the man cyberstalked her and bullied her for years due to that photo. Which lead to her suicide not being able to deal with the constant bullying. The digital world has revolutionized teenage romance. And there is no doubt the digital age is here to stay.


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