Gender role Essay

                                                   GenderFrom ancient to modern society sociologist define gender as in sociological term.

Gender and sex are two different aspects. If the sex of a person is biologically determined, the gender of a person is culturally and socially constructed .Sex is a dichotomous state for biological purpose and Gender is the social representation of human sexuality. Sociologically gender is made of three components masculine, feminine and neuter and they all have different role in society and made of their groups and tied by customs and rules of the society. Social theories try to understand gender in the sense of how it is socially constructed as well as in its implications for society. Masculine, feminine and neuter are of different nature but have interrelation for social construct.

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           The principal theoretical and political issue is whether gender as a socially constructed phenomenon is related to or determined by biology. For example, in the nineteenth century various medical theories suggested that the female personality was determined by anatomy and women’s reproductive functions. These views have been challenged by feminism.         By nature and sociologically masculine, feminine and neuter gender are characterized.

Masculine gender are independent, analytical, brave and insensitive where feminine gender are dependent receptive, timid, sensitive and emotional .Neuter gender have characteristic of mesculine and feminine gender .Neuter gender which is also called “hizara” in some Asian country have no sex but play a good role in social balance and  a part of a society. So it is clear that gender differences are a combination of social and biological forces.        Social psychologists have treated gender-identity as the product of child training rather then biological given .Gender socialization is the process of educating and instructing potential males and females, as to the norms, behaviors, values etc of group membership. Preparation of gender socialization begin even before the birth of the child .

One of the first question people ask of expectant parents is the sex of the child .This is the beginning of social categorization process that will continue throughout the person’s life.Reference- Dictionary of sociology by Nicholas Abercrombie, Stephen Hill                   And Bryan S.

Turner, Page- 18 


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