Gender revised Essay

1.         Generally, the survey results show that women are most unlikely to rise to the executive positions as a consequence of gender-related issues. Sixty percent of females in the survey adamantly believe that men don’t want women to get ahead in the workplace. This shows the intimidation felt by women which poses a great hindrance for them in achieving top positions in workplaces ruled by men. On the contrary, an equal percentage of both sexes agree that most men are better suited emotionally to be executives than most women are. That is because both genders approve that women are more likely to bring personal and family problems to the workplace, and that interferes with their job performance.

Surprisingly, while most women think that men hinders them from achieving their goals in high positions, most women also support that men are more suited to the job.2.         At the present times, both sexes enjoy freedom and equal opportunity in college education. Nevertheless, women are still discriminated when it comes to obtaining executive positions in business and in obtaining top jobs such as in the military services. Even in the modern generation wherein women can very well compete with the opposite sex, females still suffer a great deal of sexual inequality not just in salaries on similar work but also concerning reliance in leadership responsibilities.3.         Although thousands of women in the modern generation have ventured out and excelled in business schools, only a few had attained chief executive positions. Most of the women interviewed encountered similar experiences.

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Primarily, most of the women realized that the choice was either to pursue their career or to attend to the needs of their families. Since high positions entail longer hours or more trips, women who have children cannot take care of their children if they take upon such responsibility.  One has to sacrifice either their high-profile careers or their families. Many of the women needed to turn down promotions or job offers that require them to spend less time with their families.Secondly, most of the women share the experience of being offered lower salaries than men for the same positions.

In the same light, some of the women experienced feeling at a dead end. What this means is that despite rising in the corporate ladder, they know that they will never be able to hold the highest position in their company. However, most them refuse to think that they are being discriminated because by doing so, they are considering themselves as victims of sexual inequality.

In general, the rarity of women assuming the top posts in large corporations is the product of their own choices and career plans as well as the continuous domination of men in the executive world.Personally, I do not think that men experience inequality that women face in the corporate world. Somehow, men do share the dilemma of trying to strike a balance between their career and their family life. Some men refuse to take up posts that will require them to be away from their families and in doing so, sacrifice certain opportunities. However, I believe that the discrimination that women encounter is not the same for men. As it was mentioned in the article, when a woman suggests a wonderful idea, no one really listens, but when a man suggests the very same idea, everyone listens and considers it a very good one.4.         Often times, gender stereotyping is attributed to women.

Little has been said on how the male gender is affected by the stereotypes that have been determined based on one’s gender. However, recent studies have now begun to explore the sexual stereotyping that boys go through.If girls are stereotyped as weak and emotional, boys have always been taught to be strong and not to be easily affected by his emotions.

Such upbringing has brought about drastic results. For one, studies have shown that more adolescent boys commit or have attempted suicides. Since, boys are taught that crying is only for girls, they are forced to hide their real emotions. In the worst cases, this may lead them to commit suicides.

Also, boys are believed to be the most likely to commit offenses in school and criminal acts. In other words, the male gender is closely associated with violence. This has had its effect on boys especially those in the adolescent years. For one, some of them may be inclined to believe that since they are boys, they are expected to be rowdy and violent. They cannot show any sign of weakness and they cannot rely on others most especially on girls since they are expected to be independent. Such crisis goes on unnoticed.

As girls grow up with more opportunities, boys suffer limited expectation and societal scorn.  As it was said in the article, “We’ve become very clear about what we want for girls…We are less clear about what we want for boys.”Simply put, much attention has been given to reforming society and to giving women more significant roles in society. Much has been done in order to change the perception that women cannot do what men can do. However, little has been done to change the perception that men can likewise do what women are known to do. A woman who demonstrates masculine-related traits such as aggressiveness and independence is slowly finding her place in society.

However, men who show feminine-related traits such as being emotional and sensitive are often labeled as gay. In this light, it can be said that boys are stereotyped in the same way that girls are and little has been done to alter it.5.         Men and women alike experience gender discrimination one way or another. Almost everyone experience sexual inequality in their lifetime. Whether young or old, this is one issue that is proven inescapable. The researches conducted on this matter are amazing. Still, it is surprising why despite that, the issue goes unresolved.

Sexual discrimination against boys is also one matter that is very much overlooked. For a long time, the focus of the society is always on the female. 


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