Gender dialogue Women Struggle Essay

Women StruggleLangston Hugh’s “the blues I am playing” is about a black girl Ceola and Mrs. Ellsworth. Mrs. Ellsworth is a very rich white widow who has tons of money and Ceola, an orphan who fends for herself by teaching the choir and playing music for the colored or black people’s gatherings.

Mrs. Ellsworth heard about Ceola and her art, and being a great fan of art, she decided to help the girl. She financed all her education and gave her the best of things. She also educated Ceola into the makings of a white girl. Mrs. Ellsworth saw her as a protégée that was the best she ever had,in addition to the fact that she was the only black  girl she has ever met.Ceola feels that white people are stupid for talking too much about things and debating about it. She is unsatisfied with white people’s church where standing up and dancing wildly in praise is discriminated.

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She would rather be taken away with her heart rather than be confined to doing something class, as white people define “class” to be. She does not understand why white people think that art is everything, and how they can not understand them, as blacks, for living and expressing their emotions, viewing them simply as uncouth or uneducated.Just as well, it said that if you go to the South and about to enter a hotel, you will have to pass through the back door. Black people are not allowed to enter an establishment if there are white people around, even though slavery was no longer existent.

In Gwendolyn Bennett’s poem “to a dark girl” it is very diverse from “the blues I am playing.” In her poem, she praises the females of the black people for their physiological assets; voluptuous curves and the color of their skin. She states that there is regality in the way they walk and that there is sophistication in their carriage. But in their voice, what you will find is a distinct quality reminiscent of their sorrows when they were still enslaved. Bennett said that blacks are born to deal with so much loneliness in life. She is advising her, a young black girl, to always keep in mind all the good qualities she possess inside, and that to keep in mind that inside of her is a vibrant creature that she must never loose.

On the other hand, Marita Bonner’s essay is pretty heavy. She talks about little black girls being lucky for their education and that at least they still have chances for goals though she implied that those are illusions. She also says that a young girl would want to explore new things and that in the end, all she could want is a loving husband who will not judge for her color.

She talks about men desiring them, black women. She further elaborated that they seem addictive that once you get a taste of them, you will no longer have a taste for a white woman. Though, her scorn for the fact is pretty obvious and strong.In her essay, she also says that every colored individual has accountabilities to their race and no matter how much they feel that they belong, they will still realize in the end how different they still are from the white people and they will feel guilty for having what they have because of all that has happened to their ancestors. She says that women can be very successful, and seem accepted in the world of lights and glitz, only for comprehension to dawn that she really is not. No matter how much a black woman tries, she will always be discriminated for her color. She expresses platitudes in regards to how a white woman can display affection and wildness and not be looked down on and a black woman otherwise.She states that no matter how they keep quiet about such feelings and no matter how much they try not to be affected, they really are.

They keep dreaming that the realizations of their dreams will come but it just seems to be a futile wish to wait for. It is just that people lacks understanding. And as a woman, they can not stoop down under pressure, for as a woman, they must always have their poise. And just wait for the day when all will be fair.Zora Neale Hurston’s works on the otherhand is about black marriages and how black women’s husbands mistreat them. Males, apparently, do not like their wives working for white people, and they leave their wives to be take the responsibility of being bread winners.

It also states their inability to be faithful to their wives. It showed the black men as too domineering in the household scenes and are not above hitting and beating their wives. It also shows there that for all their pride, is their lacking in regards to their abilities. Black men, it seems, have two heads and the ones they use most is the one below their belt. In her story, the wife was simply overwhelmed by her anger for abusive husband and let the snake bite him.

The story was also very symbolic, from the use of the cow whip to that of iron skillet.Regina Andrews is on the other hand talking about male as with somehow a better integrity than Zora Neale Hurston has depicted them, except for the fact that women sort of dominated the males.All women in all works have character. Cleola was unquestioning of her faith and, offering to Marita Bonner’s essay that a black woman will always be a black woman who has her roots implanted and that she will always go back to.“The Blues I am playing” is not really a feminist article.

It is not even necessarily a heavy racial article. I would say that it is a good story relating differences in culture. It is probably the most positive of all the works I have used as a basis  for this paper.

It is open and receptive of the differences but it is not condemning, regardless of the discriminations.Gwendolyn Bennett’s poem is not very to feministic either in the sense that it is not really full of angst but rather sadness and dread for what a girl of black origins will have to face. Bonner’s essay is very feministic though on the otherhand. She expressed so much hatred and cynicism dwelling on being not only a woman but most especially for being black. Her prejudices are rooted mostly on a woman being black more than anything else. Hurston’s work is also feministic. The impression perceived must be because of the dark scenario that shaped the whole story and not only is it because of black being black or white being white, but also of being a woman in their race.

The things that they were most particular and insistent about were the equalities and rights as a woman, second was their role in society raise to stardom as they were by then becoming very popular. Thirdly, is perhaps their right to education.Black women were viewed as sex objects, perhaps a little still now.

Yes, they are definitely hot, but men had tended to view them only as such. Not only did they have to prove themselves in the society but also in their households. As they have said, human rights are also their rights.

They were also gaining foothold in the world of performing arts and other literaries. But despite their success is the fact that they were still looked down. They had to fight hard to be treated equally and not be discriminated for every single thing they do. Black females are viewed as wild, perceived and interpreted as wanton. But if a white woman acts as they do, they will not be thought of as such.Education was another of their causes. Males were then becoming professionals, as in lawyers and doctors.

But women were still stuck to education that reached only as far as gradeschool.White and black people go long way back, as we all know. The traditions and old beliefs are hard to dispel as it has become part of the system that we are now all trying to change.

A black will still find it insulting if you call him a “nigger” because of the connotations and not simply because of the way I wrote it. In all the essays, what is most evident is the way they dislike the idea of being judged because of their color. They excel in music and other arts. I will say that nothing beats them at playing jazz music, or today, even rap.In the first story by Langston Hughs, Mrs.

Ellsworth was able to accept and love Cleola as her own daughter, not in the least relevant to her color. Though in some instances, the issue has risen in her head. She was pretty disgusted with the colored people as she has displayed her disdain to the girl who accompanied Cleola, but still she was not raving and overly discriminative of them.The Harlem period was perhaps one of the most hopeful and touching period for them.

Not only in these works have we seen the struggles of the black people to make something of themselves, but in a lot of other sources. It was their right to feel angst as they were robbed of freedom to develop like other races, and so far behind.But truth is, they were filled with dreams. Not only Cleola in “The Blues I am playing” as she felt such overwhelming joy when people, white people, got carried away in her music, or even Maritta Bonner’s tirades of angst but then, ending on the note of hoping. They believe in God, and that perhaps, is why they are now here today as they are in our world. I will end this paper though in the note of everything in this world being relative.

We all take things and view them on different perspectives. And I guess, this was just a very sensitive issue with both races trying to adjust so hard.


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