Gender Behavior Essay

Gender Behavior.

Life realities often suggest that there is a significant difference between male and female behavior patterns. There are certainly many exceptions from the rule and sometimes females act the way males are supposed to act and vice versa. However, on average this tendency can be well-seen, and the differences of male and female behavior are very well-noticed. We see that on average, men appear more aggressive than women, that women have some kind of logic different from men’s logic which we tend to call female logic, that in most kinds of sports, on average men are able to beat women, that there are some kinds of sports in which men are better than women and other sports in which women are better than men. There are differences in the mental activity of people of different sexes, too and nobody will probably argue that on average, the physical power which men have is so much stronger than women’s.

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Therefore, it’s very important to investigate the phenomena of sex and discover the main features which differ men from women. It’s also necessary to figure out the main reasons between male and female behavior, which mostly lie in the biological and social factors.In the regard of biological differences analysis, we are able to take a analogy of gender behavior from the world of animals. It’s possible to make generalizations regarding social behavior across animals and people. It’s common truth that male animals are usually much bigger size than females, they have more power and therefore can control females. Due to that feature, males are generally more aggressive than females, that they tend to dominate females, that they like to fight with each other much more than females do. They are much more territorial and competing with other males for the territory or some particular female.

This biological difference can be very well-seen in human behavior, too. The main biological differences lie in brain and nerve systems of males and females, so this determines their gender differences. One more difference is the level of testosterone which males have and which determines their aggressiveness and sexual excitement.

Another issue is physical power which is also an important biological factor. Even though at this point of time it’s common truth that physical power doesn’t decide anything and intellect is much more important, the biological differences still affect gender behavior of men. Those biological differences are more in the brains now.

In normal families (there are certainly exceptions but we are talking about generalizations) the head of the family is a man who determines what has to be done in the family, who plays which role. Men are certainly much more aggressive and they tend to dominate their wives and children. Men have more self-confidence and activity level. Females have a maternal instinct which men don’t have.

Even though they love their children, they don’t even come close to sacrifices which females can do for their children. The features of their character are defined by the biological differences between men and women.The social role of men and women can be well-seen through the historical analysis of human race. Those roles were different from one another, determined by biological differences. If we remember ancient times, men were always hunters, warriors, rule-makers, builders.

At the same time women were doing a completely different kind of work like taking care of children or giving care. Due to physical differences, the roles between men and women were divided in such a way and didn’t change. There were exceptions like Joan of Arc or English Queens who were deciding the fate of nations for example but the majority of women were devoting all their attention to children and taking care of the house.If we remember from previous centuries- and this tradition is still not gone in many countries- men used to have many wives and could have as many as they could support. We don’t have examples of women having many husbands because it’s the difference between males and females. A male has to dominate and to be the only one.

A female can surrender and accept what her husband decides to do. The social role of women was determined in the Bible because God is the one who has defined that the husband must dominate and the wife has to be submissive and surrender to him.All the main issues discussed above lead us to the point that our culture has different expectations about the behavior of boys and girls.

In most schools this difference can be very well-seen. Girls are always considered to be good at such kinds of mental work as accounting, languages, history because those subjects require a lot of concentration. Boys don’t have as much concentration because they tend to spread their attention through various subjects, and they might find themselves unable to concentrate on just one subject. However, it’s commonly believed that boys have much better skills in mathematics, physics and other sciences like that. They also tend to understand computer programming better than girls due to the characteristic features of their brain.Another subject in which boys do better is philosophy.

It’s probably striking to realize that all the major philosophers who we presently study are all men. All the greatest figures in this subject are all men- Plato, Hume, Aristotle, Sartre and many others. There are certainly some females developing philosophical thought like Simone de Bovoir but there are very few, and they don’t have a major influence on the field in general.Since men have always been the ones fighting and bringing food home, there is still a strong belief today that men are supposed to occupy higher positions in companies. It’s widely believed that men are able to work harder and suggest better ideas. When it comes to the question whom to employ, the employers prefer to employ men because they are supposed to struggle more for a successful career. The same happens at schools when boys are taken into different advanced programs more often than girls not because they are smarter, but because of gender socialization according to which boys are supposed to do better at classes.

However, even though the realities of life have shown that biological and social factors do determine gender behavior, they have also proven that women are also able to work on equal terms with men. The role of women in the society has been very much changed during the recent years because in many ways females have overcome those gender differences which didn’t let them open their potential fully. The social role of a female is being changed nowadays as she gets a chance to participate in those areas of life which in the previous centuries were considered good only for men.

One of the reasons why the culture tends to loads the most important burdens exactly on men’s shoulders is that men oftentimes appear more successful than women. It’s mostly influenced by the factor that women appear to be more emotional and take things very much to heart. If a man is often able to forget personal thoughts and give all himself to the job, a woman is much more sensitive, and she is very much guided by her emotions.It’s clear that gender socialization in the US is sexist, and many aspects of life show that.

One of the examples is that the socialization of gender within American schools assures that girls realize that they are unequal to boys. Teachers are constantly affirming that boys and girls in the class have to be treated differently. Teachers tend to socialize girls towards a feminine ideal, like they have to be neat, quiet, while boys are encouraged to be very active, speak up.

Another aspect of sexist gender socialization is that girls are socialized in schools to recognize popularity as being important, and also learn that educational performance and ability do not appear quite as important. Boys represent more than two-thirds of all students in special education programs and there is a higher the proportion of male students receiving diagnoses that are considered to be subjective.It’s easy to see that the socialization of gender roles and the use of a gender-biased hidden curriculum lead to an inequitable education for boys and girls in American schools.

Nowadays girls and boys at schools are receiving separate and unequal educations due to the gender socialization and due to the sexist hidden curriculum students are faced. Girls are going to receive an inequitable education unless teachers finally realize the impact of the gender-role socialization and the biased messages they are unintentionally imparting to students everyday. It’s common truth that all educators need to be made aware of the bias they are reinforcing in their students through socialization messages, inequitable division of special education services, sexist texts and materials, and unbalanced time and types of attention spent on boys and girls in the classroom. The result of sexist gender socialization at school is that more than half of American children will be shortchanged and their gifts lost to society.The differences between male and female behavior, as we have discovered, are in many ways guided by biological and social factors. Those differences have defined the role of males and females in the society.

With recent years, these differences are becoming slighter than they used to be centuries ago due to the progress of science. Nowadays in the United States the existing responsibilities get loaded on both male and female shoulders. The expectations of the society from males and females become more close to one another.


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