Gender and Power in the Media Essay

Media is the best avenue for companies to publicize their merchandises. particularly if they want to make a greater scopre of mark consumers. Every twenty-four hours. persuasion through the telecasting. cyberspace. and radio commercials. every bit good as in printed ads and hoardings will do them sell more of their merchandises in an effective mode ( Allen ) . Radio and telecasting are the two channels where most Americans get information. particularly intelligence. aside from the Internet. magazines. and many others.

And because of these two media. they can decidedly alter the manner audiences perceive things in society. particularly the young person. who may be more vulnerable to media influence compared to grownups. This may partially be attributed to their rawness. It affects how they decide on things that affair greatly to them and to others ( Reed ) . The nucleus and obvious difference is that the wireless merely produces sound. while the telecasting produces both sound and images.

The wireless was formed from different thoughts coming from Michael Faraday’s electromagnetism. to James Clark Maxwell’s treatise on electricity and magnetic attraction. to Heinrich Hertz’ Hertzian waves. down to Gugliemo Marconi’s radio telegraph and signal company ( the world’s foremost radio mill ) and tuned syntonic telegraphy ( Parker ) . The wireless was foremost used as a sender of information. particularly for the ships who sails long distances ( Parker ) . This later on became a major demand for ships. particularly to hold wireless subsidiary power and two operators with a licensed driver after the Titanic sank in early 1900’s ( Schoenherr ) .

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Previously. the plans in wireless were merely for musical and speak show intents. However. get downing 1940. the plans in wireless besides offered play and intelligence ( Schoenher ) . In California. KALW San Francisco is one of the Stationss that operated in FM as it was aired on September 1. 1941. It was licensed by the Federal Communications Commission on March 10. 1941. to air educational plans. Its first plan was Schoolcast. The hearers of this plan were largely soldiers developing in armored combat vehicles as their wireless is reached by the signal of the station ( Tripod.

com ) . Radio was even one time classified as monopolistic competition. as merely few persons or group of people operate the wireless industry in some provinces. But with the Telecommunications act of 1996. ownership was besides granted to some groups ( Drushel ) . Nowadays. there are registered and licensed 643 public and private FM and AM wireless Stationss available for the hearers in California. One of these is 102. 7 KIIS FM or KISS FM in Spanish located in Los Angeles ( SHG Resources State Handbook and Guide ) . The station was first heard in 1948.

Soon. it was owned and managed by Clear Channel Communications. The station is really a consequence of alteration formats. buying. and trade frequences among defunct wireless Stationss. persons. and companies. Today it the Stationss is besides known as LA’s # 1 Hit Music Radio Station as it is one of the highest rated Radio station in the United States. and is recognized as 2007’s station of the twelvemonth. The station plays R & A ; B. dad. and stone music. They said that their drama list is based on the likes of their hearers. Unlike any other station. they censor the vocals before they play it on air.

One of the popular personalities in the station is Ryan Seacrest. In society. some subjects are beyond common cognition. for illustration proficient footings that are medical in nature and merely medical experts can farther explicate. By holding treatments on the wireless or in telecasting or holding these placed in an article will let information for more people. particularly if these concern wellness and safety of the bulk. Critical issues need to be exposed. analyzed. evaluated. and decently addressed. therefore the function of media is critical in this phase ( RadioIslam.

org ) . Popular media. like FM Radio plans. peculiarly KIIS FM. in the late capitalist societies became the primary beginning of cognition and experience virtually about anything. including gender. It is said that they are of import in the creative activity of power dealingss in society ( Hains ) . Take for illustration the societal position of adult females and work forces. In the building of gender and gender. it is said that the school. peculiarly the instructor. plays a really of import function in this important phase. As expected. one can merely be masculine and feminine.

In some instances. some of the maltreatments of these kids are coming from male instructors. whether this be physical or verbal. Some experts opine that muliebrity is ever shown as sexual entreaty. while work forces are sex searchers. Students would prefer a adult female instructor instead than a male instructor because they act as female parents and more overtly show concern for their pupils. To some pupils. male instructors are impatient. Male pupils are punished to a great extent by male instructors as compared to female pupils. Having said all of these. we can state that both sexes experience torment and maltreatment from both sexes. and non merely the females ( Chege ) .

The media can utilize their influence to expose these jobs and seek aid and justness for this people. who at an early age have been subjected to such injury. Furthermore. it may be deserving observing that media may besides be partially blamed for reenforcing both the opprobrious behaviour of the instructor and the shame felt by pupil over her stigma ( Chege ) . Previously. females were viewed as inactive. They are non allowed to work and normally stay at place. making the jobs of a married woman. and merely function as trophies of their hubbies.

Worse. they are non allowed to travel to school as it was believed that merely work forces can seek instruction since they are the caputs of their households. They are ever expected to watch themselves and to move harmonizing to the norms of society. particularly in the eyes of work forces as she is the object of men’s sight. Her tegument must be lissome. hairless. and smooth. Her face must be free of furrows. with no marks of emphasis or whatsoever. Her lips must be kissable. and her eyes cryptic. Womans are said to be more restricted with their motions. They must be cross legged when sitting. and toes indicating merely in heterosexual or inward waies.

Aside from these. they are besides trained to demo their smilings more than work forces do. They must stand with tummy in and chest out. If any of these are violated. it means that they violated norms of ethical motives. address. and motions. Furthermore. adult females tend to busy the lower and marginalized places in a company. or even in society. Most adult females are given generative. productive. and community work. Generative undertakings would include giving birth. eating and educating her childs. taking attention of her hubby and kids. and other domestic undertakings.

Her productive work would intend to bring forth merchandises and services for others’ ingestion. Community work would imply her to back up different activities that will straight profit society through volunteerism. However. non all adult females are given the opportunity to bask community work. since they are burdened by her generative and productive maps. Men tend to be more powerful in most kingdoms. Acerate leaf to state. they occupy most of the highest places in industrial organisations and society ; therefore the glass ceiling phenomenon ( Chege ) .

On the other manus. work forces are expected to be active. and to do things go on. They go out of their houses to work. and were sent to school whether they like it or non. Work forces are allowed to sit with legs apart so they can travel slackly from one topographic point to another ( Employees. oneonta. edu ) . Nowadays. as media plays a greater function in constructing society. things have changed. There is equality among work forces and adult females. Womans are more sceptered to make things that work forces normally do. Media brought the new construct of a adult female. person who is ideal.

For most. what is beautiful is a adult female who is house. with a narrow hip. with a little chest. and slender. as evidenced by the theoretical accounts in the screen of a magazine. For those who do non posses this sort of organic structure. dieting is an alternate. Another manner is to hold surgery in order to heighten one’s physical properties. Diet and surgery are some of the popular subjects both in print and non-print media ( Employees. oneonta. edu ) . Womans are going more broad as evidenced in the paper of Izabel Magalhaes. She said that it the duty of media particularly radio in presenting the said construct to these adult females.

Media is more unfastened about speaking about women’s narratives that discuss their sex experiences at the disbursal of amusement of others ( Magalhaes ) . They say what they feel ; they enact what they think ( Employees. oneonta. edu ) . Women would travel to school and acquire the occupation chances opened for work forces. and presents. adult females excel in different Fieldss. about catching work forces in different places and degrees. Some male workers would even be surprised that their foreman is a adult female In KIIS FM ; work forces are non the lone DJ’s in the station. There are besides adult females who work everyday for the station.

Even in depicting the accomplishments of a adult female. some adjectives that are associated with work forces are really used. Those words are non any longer sole to work forces. The chief ground is that work forces are normally viewed as persons with physical strength. Nowadays. physical strength is non the lone issue. subjects about men’s wellness. manner. and trips are now being featured by the media. This clip. the impression that work forces merely desires for adult females is non any longer true. since nowadays they are besides interested in manner. wellness. and many other things like adult females do ( Magalhaes ) .

As what have mentioned a piece ago. media. peculiarly wireless is besides used to pull possible purchasers by different companies. It is said that advertisement. such as those in wirelesss. contributes in stand foring and building gender individualities in urban part which besides exists in the yesteryear. The involvements of big corporations are presented to the people. and whoever has the most interesting advertisement accomplishments and characteristics will be favored by the consumers ( Magalhaes ) . Options were provided in forepart of us mundane. both are competitively packaged.

Womans are now represented by these advertizements as broad. yet viewed as a trade good to be used by the society. Work force on the other manus. are presented to be non merely dominant over adult females. but with other types of work forces as well: disabled. heterosexual. homophiles. and many others. At some point. adult females remains presented as incapable and dependent on work forces. and that it is assumed by the society that their being is for the intent of men’s pleasance. Some advertizements would utilize adjectives for a merchandise that is a feature of a adult female ( Magalhaes ) .

The pick of words will trip our heads to believe of different things. But because of these. more adult females are verbally harassed by work forces. whether in public or in private topographic points. This hurt is transformed into grudge. and in conclusion to a difference. These state of affairss encouraged more adult females to draw a bead on greater places in the society like in Congress. in the courtroom. or in media. and to get greater power. It is assumed that the media can alter an individual’s mentality in life. behaviour. moralss. and values.

The combination of media with jurisprudence. for illustration. has ends of transforming the society. utilizing calling. blaming. and claiming. Naming would connote discoursing torment and specifying it ; faulting would intend placing the suspect for torment ; and claiming would demand for the transmutation of grudge into a redress. In this state of affairs. media can be used to educate the people in the different torments that adult females get. But despite this fact. until now. there are still adult females who remains marginalized in the society.

They still remain powerless and voiceless against the felons ( Laniya ) . Aside from advertisement. media is besides influential in the political kingdom. In every Presidential election. campaigners would utilize the media to make more people. and to carry them to vote for him or her. such as in the instance of the United States. This strategy started in 1930’s and 40’s when President Roosevelt used the wireless to run in such a colloquial mode with the people. Its success triggered other U. S Presidents to follow him. such as Franklin D. Roosevelt. Harry S.

Truman. Dwight D. Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy. Aside from media exposure for these campaigners. media can besides be a beginning of financess for the campaigners ( The University of Texas at Austin ) . The voter’s thought of the personality of the talker either do or interrupt them. However. we should retrieve that personality and leading is non truly together. There were presidents who are idolized for their great leading. but non for their personality. There were inefficient leaders who are revered for their personality ( The University of Texas at Austin ) .

Television and wireless arguments are of import particularly in educating the electors about who the meriting campaigner They scrutinize the yesteryear and nowadays of this campaigners. But although media affects our determination sing this affair. surveies would demo that face to confront contact is still the most effectual medium to acquire ballots from the people. In election histories. it is said that a good oiled political machine. peculiarly with good relationship with the media. is more likely to win the elections ( The University of Texas at Austin ) .

In this occasion. we can state that so. media has the power to do a alteration. but non every bit much powerful as we do ( The University of Texas at Austin ) . The existent job is that people does non hold the power to command the media. It is said that in this scene it is the minority that dictates the people the things that they want others to cognize. the events that will merely be consider for coverage. the facts that will be examined and evaluated. and many other cases.

This minority controls the media. which affects the political relations of the state. so manner bitty live. the manner we talk. the manner we think. and many others. The treatment on wireless and telecastings sing any political issue that straight affects the involvement of the people is merely limited. as it is restricted to discourse some sensitive issues. Take for illustration if the treatment on the wireless plan is antisemitism. the station would non really invite true anti-Semitist. In this instance. the treatment is non truly a treatment of the subject at all.

Fact-finding news media on the other manus. dramas as a hero in uncovering to us the concealed truth. up to some point that they already invade public lives ( RadioIslam. org ) . The music played on the wireless affects our tempers and our emotions. Music can trip sad and happy memories. depending on the vocal played at the plan. Radio Stationss can order what sort of music and genres society ought to appreciate. and which vocalists ought to be popular. It modifies pick of music into something that favors the capitalist. Other creative persons may non be given the opportunity to be heard and show their endowment ( RadioIslam. org ) .


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