GED Sir Francis Bacon Essay

Informational SpeechI would like to quote Sir Francis Bacon when he said “knowledge itself is power”. With knowledge, a person can reach limitation and boundaries no matter how complicated it seems. Knowledge, brought by education is one aspect in the society greatly looked upon.

Education is a tool to achieve greater things in life, things we can not even perceive in our capacities. But education helps form our goals, our ideas, our principles and beliefs.But what if education is as hard as getting the dream? What if education itself is a goal one has to pursue? What if education is as hard to get as the successes in life?The test on General Educational Development or the GED program is a way to address the need for adult education in the country today. The test is taken by adults or students aged 18 or older. The GED test is a certification that a taker has met the standards of an American or Canadian high school academic skill. It is taken by individuals who were not able to finish his formal secondary education.

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In able to pass the GED tests, the taker must be able to perform in at least the 40th percent of high school seniors nationwide according to the Altadena’s for Quality Education website.(2006) (

htm)  In the United States, several states set their requirements for the testing. Some even will require them to know about their local government, the system and the state they reside in. the GED is a series of five tests to determine qualified applicants to qualify for a high school equivalency certificate. The GED is a comprehensive test that includes subject areas like language, both writing and reading, social studies, science and mathematics. In the US, several colleges are willing to take in students who have a generally satisfactory GED results in place of their high school diploma.( http://en. GED program does not aim to give the idea of an express diploma or education. There are some circumstances that may come in one’s life in order for him or her to stop studying. But with this program, the person is given another chance for a better tomorrow. (wikipedia 2006)(http://en.wikipedia.

org/wiki/GED)The GED was created during after the World War II to help the then veterans of the war. This was an aid for them to return to their civilian life because the program attends to the basic high school courses the veterans had missed during the war. The programs’ first generation of tests happened in 1942, during the industrial era. In this period, high school education was the only requirement needed to have a job. The series ended in 1977 and showed that more than 40% of the takers took the tests to get employed. The 1978 series proved to different and challenging as the industrial era had ended with the people changing their attitudes toward education. The series laid emphasis from science and social studies reading materials to a separate reading test in the program.

Application of concepts also was given emphasis rather than just knowing the concepts. The series was also characterized by introducing real-life context, much more realistic to the takers perception. Now the 1988 series of GED tests were distinct because the year takes on a new challenge because of the informational era. The GED Testing Service initiated a five-year review in 1982 to asses the program. The program’s goal during this era is to integrate the new developments in technology, global awareness and participatory democracy in the adults concerned with the program.

The tests included direct writing samples or essays, it stressed on critical thinking, problem-solving skills and the roles played by the adults in the society, the sources of societal change and the different contextual settings relevant to the adults. The program, aside from the changes on its tests had also considered their candidates’ reasons for applying in the program. In the third series, 65% of the candidates took the test to continue their formal education while 35% took it for employment reasons. The most recent GED series was in 2002, marking yet a new era of defining education the country. The essence of a primary education is a prerequisite for a job in the modern world and was greatly emphasized by the GED series.

The GED tests 2002 series reassessed the core dynamics of the academic disciplines in the program. Enhancements were also made for the tests to be effective. (http://www. (2006)Even persons with physical disabilities have a chance in the GED tests. They can be accommodated with additional time, scribes, equipments, and other accommodations. There is no hindrance to anybody who wishes to take the GED tests to make their lives better.

Several famous personalities were GED recipients. ABC News anchor Peter Jennings, entertainer Bill Cosby and actor Michael J. Fox have been successful with the help of the GED program. Even the iniquitous socialite Paris Hilton is a GED recipient. There are also many success stories of GED recipients and I can name a few of them. Terry Banford Dietzel of the Community Learning Center, Philadelphia is an active community member who helps the adults in her community realize their potential and goals through having an education. Martha Hunter of the Learning Center at J. V.

Brown Library, Williamsport is an adult education teacher that promotes the GED program. She encourages her students to play an active role in their community as well.(2006) (http://www.pde.state. The GED recipients I have mentioned, Terry and Martha, both won the Adult Practitioner Excellence Awards. They were recognized for their efforts as adult educators in their respective communities. The General Educational Program test empowers adult and students to make a decision for their future’s sake. The people who wish to take the tests only needs to review the important concepts in each of the core academic principles included in the test.

The General Educational Development Program is an effective tool in bringing about changes in the society today. Not only does in empowers the adults to take on important steps towards achieving success in their lives, but also influences them to reach out to other people and their community to promote the change they have experienced.References:http://www.pde.state., yahoo search engine, October 19, 2006, Google search engine, October 19, 2006http://www., Google search engine, October 19, 2006

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