Geaorgetown revised Essay

Please explain what unique abilities you would bring to the Georgetown IEMBA Program and how obtaining this degree will contribute to the attainment of your personal and professional goals.            The field of business has become increasingly competitive and it has become even more important to attain a high-level of education in order to truly make a success out of one’s career in this field.

In an increasingly interconnected world, it is important to me to seek an education that will help me succeed in the international business world. In the positions that I have held since obtaining my degree I have had the opportunity to gain experience working for companies that have strong business connections with international companies, especially in the Asian business world. An International Executive MBA degree would give me the foundation I need to establish myself in my current position and the education I’ll need to succeed in business for the rest of my career.

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I feel that my unique abilities and experiences in business would give me a great deal to contribute in classes and with my peers, and that participation in this program will help me to attain my goals as a professional. In terms of my own unique abilities, I realize that what I can bring to this program is just as important as what it can give me. I have been a team leader for various software development teams, which has taught me to possess the ability to think strategically and creatively, both of which are of increasing importance in a business education.

I have solid communication skills and possess a strong desire to learn. I have been actively involved in my community as a mentor through the Take Stock in Children program, a non-profit organization that helps needy children acheive better grades by encouraging them in their education and showing them the importance of going to school. I am a team player that can lead a team or simply be a member. My unique ability to work hard and dedicate myself completely to something will be a strong contribution to the IEMBA program. My technical and management experience with Asian and American businesses will certainly be of great assistance to my colleagues in the program. I am very social and I enjoy interacting with all types of individuals and this will help me during my time as a student at your university and I will be able to bring my enthusiasm for business to your program.A degree from your university would greatly help me to succeed in accomplishing my personal and professional goals.

Obtaining an IEMBA degree from Georgetown would give me a firm foundation on which to build my career and my future in business,  and the knowledge of Georgetown’s world-renowned business faculty would help me grow into a successful executive. My career is moving in the direction of Asian-American business, initially from a technical lead perspective and ultimately advancing to a leadership role within the software industry, preferably with a start up organization, and the international aspect of this program is very appealing to me for this reason. This thought process has evolved from my past experiences in the software industry, my observations of today’s global business environment, and my perspective about the evolution and growth of the industry itself. Keeping in view the direction in which my chosen industry is headed, I believe that enormous gains and comparative advantages are in store for US trained/thinking business leaders and managers in the Asian markets in the coming years. I therefore seek to accelerate my career with great enthusiasm. The ability to serve my community better with the resources that I have as I grow in the industry is a goal that I feel the McDonough School of Business can help me acheive. By joining the IEMBA program, not only will I gain the skill set to be successful in the future, but I will also be a contributing member of Georgetown’s growing alumni organization and remain committed to the institution long after completing degree requirements.


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