Gay Marriage Essay

There are numerous opinions and standing views on gay marriage. The argument regarding gay marriage should be legalized or not is extremely controversial. According to an article from the Human Rights Campaign, there is nothing wrong with allowing homosexuals to have the same rights as those who are heterosexual. Every individual person should be granted equal rights, regardless of sexuality. Gay marriage should be legalized in all states and countries, it has been held off for too long. Moreover, there are several reasons why homosexuals feel strongly about wanting to be legally married.One reason that is most commonly heard is, they want to legally show their love for each other by having a marriage license.

Homosexuals want the right to marry like anybody else, and for the same reasons too. They are in love and want to spend their lives with this person. Even though it is possible to do this without being married; “they want to honor their relationship in the greatest way our society has to offer” (90). There be no reason two people cannot marry despite their sexuality.

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If a man and woman get to marry because they love each other, what is the difference between a man and a man or a woman and a woman wanting to marry because, they love each other? Also, another cause why homosexuals want the right to marry their spouse is because they are being cheated of rights. Although, two people love each other, if they cannot marry they are losing rights. Marriage gives both spouses benefits, “same-sex couples in long-term, committed relationships pay higher taxes and are denied basic protection and rights granted to married heterosexual couples” (90).It is unfair to couples of the same-sex to lose rights based on sexuality. They are denied rights such as: hospital visitation, social security benefits, nursing homes, health insurance and so on (90).

If they are denied these rights due to the fact they are not married, they can never get the chance to receive these advantages since they cannot wed. No matter how this is looked at, it is not right in any way at all. Especially if the two people in the same-sex relationship have been together for a long time, they should be able to receive these rights as well as heterosexual married couples.However, people may argue that there are other ways for same-sex couples to be legally tied together.

This would be by going through a civil union. This is true but, a civil union is hardly the same as a wedding, “comparing marriage to civil unions is a bit like comparing diamonds to rhinestones” (91). Couples who do a civil union have to do it in Vermont and stay there. There is also no guarantee that protections will go where the couple travels to (90).

With that being said, even though there is a way for them to get “legally” tied together, it is not the same.They still do not have the freedom they want or the choice to go where they want to have a civil union. Civil unions are great temporarily or as another option but, all in all it does not replace an actual marriage. Gay marriages should be allowed to those that wish for one.

In addition, same-sex couples may want to get married for many reasons but, there are several valid points as to why they should be allowed. It is not just based on wanting to be able to wed but, why they actually should get the opportunity to. People may argue that if gay marriage is legalized it will cost more money for taxpayers.However, this is an inaccurate statement. In fact, by allowing gay marriage to be legal it can save money since, “marriage would require them to assume legal responsibility” (94). It has been supported through studies and shown that gay marriage can affect taxpayers positively. Since this is the case, why is it not allowed if it can actually save money? Also, some states have already changed their ways and agreed to accept same-sex marriage.

Although, quite a few states have started to change, “the first country to extend rights to same-sex couples” was the Netherlands (95).Many states are already adjusting their laws, so why is it that all states cannot just allow same-sex marriage. Legalizing gay marriage should be accepted in every state and country, not just a few. Ways have already begun to be altered amongst some countries and states, now it is time for the rest to follow and do the same.

Lastly, another reason same-sex couples should be allowed the right to marry is so they can have a chance to be happy like any other couple. If an individual is unable to wed the person they want, then they will not be satisfied.All people “should be free to marry the person they love” and not have to change that. Homosexuals cannot ever “change” their sexuality, it is not a choice they can make (92).

People think marriage can only consist of a man and a woman. If a person “changes” their sexuality just to fit the idea of marriage they will not be truly happy. So, why not allow them to marry a person they truly care for and live out a successful life, which is the true significance of marrying a person is.

Saying vows shows commitment to each other, do they not?It never states what gender the two people sharing vows have to be. Legalizing same-sex marriage will not affect anybody; it will only allow homosexuals to have the right to marry like heterosexual couples. Lastly, many people say if gay marriage is accepted it will have an overall effect on a variety of things. One of the many controversial topics regarding same-sex marriage is, it goes against religious beliefs. However, if two people of the same gender want to marry, it does not require any religions to actually do the ceremony.For those who see gay marriage as not following religion should also think about the subject of divorce. Many people believe marriage is special and should occur when two people feel they are soul mates. On the contrary, most marriages end in divorce and a second marriage can often occur, is this not going against religious beliefs as well? (92).

Gay marriage cannot affect religion; people are still entitled to their own beliefs. They may not agree with the idea but as long as their not betraying the way they have been taught, it should not matter.Another point people tend to use to persuade people against same-sex marriage is, by allowing it the idea of marriage is destroyed and made meaningless. Some even believe that it will make marrying somebody a “free for all”. This is not a supported statement though.

Marriage is still going to be the highest way to be committed to another person and nothing can change that fact (92). Whether it is a heterosexual or homosexual couple wanting to marry, the intentions are for the same reason, they want to spend the rest of their lives committed to their spouse.To finish, people who are against gay marriage strongly think that it ruins the idea of a family.

It has been thought that a “family unit” includes a mother and father; however it does not state this anywhere in the definition of “family”. What some people do not realize is the fact that, “the quality of a family’s relationship is more important than the particular structure of families” (93). Just because a family may have a mother and father it does not mean they have a better relationship as a whole. A family with two mothers or two fathers can actually be better in some cases than a “traditional” family household.The gender of the parents or guardians should not determine how well the home is structured and run.

There is nothing wrong with making gay marriage legal, it does not affect anybody, it only allows everyone to be granted the same rights, equally. On the other hand, there are always two sides to every situation. Those who believe gay marriage should not be allowed to be made legal have their reasons as well. One is that homosexuals are harmful to society.

People state that they do “not provide the same benefits to society as heterosexual marriages” (97).This is true to a certain point though, this would not be a problem if they were granted the same rights and could give the same benefits as heterosexual couples. Also, many people on the opposing viewpoint think that having same-sex marriages could have an effect on any children they have. There have been some studies and facts shown that it can change the kids’ insight on their own sexuality (102). However, even though some feel strongly about this, overall it is the child’s choice and depends on the raising of them as well.Lastly, people feel that it is unnecessary and goes against the first idea of marriage. Those who agree with not allowing same-sex couples to wed, feel that it is not following what a marriage was originally based on, “the union of a man and a woman” (97).

Some people have lived by this mind set of what a marriage is, but not every thing only has one outlook. A marriage is ultimately two people that are serious and love each other, gender takes no place when a person really takes time to think about what a marriage actually is.Regardless, there is always going to be two views on gay marriage; it is up to each individual to decide which view they agree with. Gay marriage should be legally recognized, what is so right about a heterosexual marriage compared to homosexuals? They both start with the letter “H”, the only difference is the genders.

Nobody should have the right to determine what is considered “right”, marriage makes a couple officially together; it does not affect anybody but them. Labels should not define love, and by not allowing same gender couple the right to marry is unfair and wrong.


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