Gasland Review Essay

Gasland ReviewIn the documentary “Gasland”, Josh Fox takes it upon himself to show what it is really like inside the oil and gas industries. Josh also makes visible the cover up that takes place about what’s really going on. This documentary shows the negative effects of hydraulic fracturing, otherwise known as fracking.Fracking is a process in which fluids made of water and 596 different chemicals is being blast 8000 feet into the ground, it is like a mini earthquake. Each fracking well needs fracking fluids, this fluid is made up of 1 to 7 million gallons of water, plus the chemicals. If workers decide to redo a well its another additional 1 to 7 million gallons of water. This much water could help how much people in Africa?This all started when the oil and gas industries discovered Marcellus Shalle.

This is basically a underground barrel of natural gas. In 2005 there was a breakthrough with natural gas and Dick Chaney passed an electric bill which exempt the oil and gas industries from the clean air act, the clean water act, the safe drinking water act, and a dozen more environmental regulations. This caused over 1000 reports about contaminated water all over.Josh started his research in Dimock, Pennsylvania, where there were about 40 wells already drilled by Cabot Oil and gas company.

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The first resident to notice the change in the water was Pet Ferneli. She woke up one morning and noticed the water was bubbling. She mentioned it to her neighbors in church and they noticed the difference in their water as well. They all stated that they had no problems with their water supply until the drilling started.After hearing and seeing what was happening in these communities Josh decided to interview someone from the oil and gas company about hydraulic fracturing. Just as suspected no one was willing to give an on air interview.

The following day Josh visited Debbi Maze, she’s another landowner who noticed her water became muddy after they drilled wells on her land. There was also the fact that her animals started losing their hair and weight. Josh went from house to house in Dimock and everyone was having the same issue with their water. Some families were even scared to turn on their tap, fearing it might explode.Josh started to travel a little further and stopped in Colorado where he met Mike Markham and Marsha Mendenhall.

This couple told Josh that their water could light up like gasoline and they lit the water for the camera. Josh, so surprised asked to try it for himself and repeated the action. This couple has to go into town to buy water to drink.Josh continued on his journey where he met this family in Wyoming, whose water turned to plastic when they brought a blow torch to it. The water smelled so bad that it started giving the family members headaches, and they were still being told that nothing was wrong with their water.

Families started to become so sick they couldn’t even walk on their own and children started to develop asthma.In Garfield county, Colorado Josh met up with Theo Colborn, a lady who has been looking into hydraulic fracturing and is considered an expert on the situation. She told Josh that every health law that was put in place to protect people’s health is being ignored by the gas and oil company. The wells being drilled is causing so much sickness and is also giving people irreversible brain damages.

“ Just think about the workers and the owners of the properties that contains a well on it” was what Theo had to say.Hydraulic fracturing is causing so much sickness and the people in power are ignoring the plea of innocent citizens. what has happened to the democratic society that we are supposedly living in? This is a serious problem and Josh is opening the eyes of all who are being kept in the dark.


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