Garbage and Recycling Wastes Essay

Today cleanliness is the most important thing in both the homes and in a society.

Taking care of the environment is a big responsibility. Since disposing of garbage and wastes maintains sanitary in the envorinment, everybody should also care about the beauty of their surroundings. Home garbages and some other solid wates should certainly be cleared out and be burned to keep the weather of the environment clean, however it is not always the case to burn kinds of wastes and totally get rid of them though. Thus, recycling solid wastes can also be reused to produce materials over again, such nylon and glass bottles, paper and plastic materials.In almost many developed countries, the governments have provided certain trash cans for the reusable items while in Iraq this important service has still not been supplied. Therefore, since we can make use of some solid waste products, the vicinities in Iraq needs to be more cared about by both the people and the government. My point in this essay is that, as a recommendation for the government, particular trash cans must be provided in the public places.

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Initially, besides the ignorance of the government, a highly percentage of both the Kurdish and Arab people are also ignoring the cleanliness of their surroundings.Russell Hardin, an american journalist indicates, to a large extent, individuals will choose to ignore the reponsibility of garbage disposing if the governemnt will not take care of the purge system and provide garbage trucks in the areas. In my opinion, this phrase exactly describes the situation in the Iraqi society. For example, as I went to the bazar last week, there was a huge mess on the sidewalks, everywhere was full of garbage and thrown water bottles on the ground. Besides the filthiness of the people, I realized that it was definitely the fault of the government.Consequently, there would be no that much mess and garbage around if the municipality would take a little responsibility.

As a result, there will be no appropriateness unless the governmnet will take care of the mess and provide purge system in the environment. Additionally, if there are trash cans available in between each 100-meter distance, sicknesses and diseases will of course lessen among the people. Furthermore, because garbage and solid watses generates greenhouse gas and pollutes the atmosphere, keeping clean of the environment we live in maintains sanitation.Certainly, cleanliness in the home and outside of the houses is associated with good health. Also living organisms, such as viruses and bacteria are widespread and grow in dirty places, causing diseases. Plus too many wastes of defferent materials turns into toxicated gass and creates a dusgusting odor in the air. Nevertheless, besides caring and maintainig our health, recycling has also an important role and has advantages for the environment.

Just as in an article I read, recycling prevents pollution, saves a lot of energy, preserves unwanted materials, and gives a sense of responsibility and community involvement.All in all, these factors helps the atmosphere from facing global warming and dangerous Air Pollution. Additionally, with taking absolute resbonsibility, we must throw each different materials into different redundant trash cans. As an environment lover and carer, I am against those people who do not care about the beauty and sanitation of every environment we get into or live in. And since our surrounding is a reflection of ourselves, we must begin to take this responsibility as both individually and together. In opposing to my opinion, I know a lot of people thinking differently.For instance, one of my relatives believe that if he is not seeing any trash can around him, then he has the right to immedialtely throw the trash on the ground.

He always says that trash keepers should take care of the garbage in the environment, not the publicans. Moreover, as I have deliberated, many other ignorant people throw trashes if they already see other trashes on the ground. They rather choose to make it more mess than picking them up. As an opposing view on these people’s thoughts, I will never support them and will definitely try to show them how recycling is useful and why they should not lead the environment dirty.In conclusion, I do not say that the Iraqi government is completely ignorant about the purge system, but the trash cans and the trash keepers that they have been provided for the society is not enough.

In view of the fact that Iraq is developing, these major issues must not be existed in Iraq. Everyone, regarding individuals, the government and the community should get all together get together and keep our own surroundings clean to prevent illnesses and diseases; so keeping the environment is a must and it is absolutely our responsibility to take care of the surrounding. Each one has a responsibility of ensuring the health and safety of the respective residents, employees, visitors, contractors and everyone, in and around their premises”(Puraair3).

Also as a last recommendation from me to the municipalities in Iraq, especially Kurdistan, take a glimpse at the public places and feel alittle more responsible about the conformity of the environment. This recommendation is a solution for an advanced country such as Iraq.Work Cited Essay on Recycling of Waste.N.

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