Gangster Essay

Asian gangster films are portrayed as bad movies. Gangster films in general are always told to be a bad influence since all they are mostly about is killing and assassinating. In my opinion, they can be educational at times. People mostly think that gangster films teach kids the wrong way of life and doesn’t have any meaning in the movie but like the director of Godfather said “It’s not about the character, it’s the way of life. ” This is true because most gangster movies are not only about how the protagonist becomes a crime boss, it’s about how the protagonist had to live his life and find ways to support his family.

Throughout most gangster movies, there is always a story for the main character. Some gangster films can have a cheesy storyline but good movies like “Young and Dangerous”, “Goodfellas” and “Casino” have a proper and relatable storylines. The reason why I say this is because to make a good gangster movie, it has to have a storyline that is relatable to other people and also has to have a storyline that is not only about killing but about other things and event that happened to their life that lead them to kill.Gangster movies are really good at telling the life story about the main characters. Most people would think it’s about one guy killing one another but no. It talks about why the person is doing this and how he works his way up to become and boss with his righteousness. The storylines for the characters in gangster movie aren’t unrealistic since they try to create the background story for the protagonist that is relatable to other people because in the real world, there are many people who live in bad neighbourhoods and some people never had to do a crime they didn’t have to do.

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