Gandhi revision Essay

Gandhi            Decolonization and liberation happened in many different parts of the world during the Twentieth Century.  During this time period, many authors became well-renowned for their writings and beliefs.  Such authors include Che and Fannon.

  Each used their own methods and writing styles in order to reach their goals for the world.  Maybe the most famous of all of the authors, was Mohandas Gandhi.            Before becoming an author, Gandhi practiced law in London.  His practice did not work very well.  As a result he returned to India; where, in 1909 he wrote Hind Swaray.  Gandhi believed in non-violence and practiced this belief regularly.  The practice of non-violence was often referred to as Satygrayha.  The practice of Satygrayah involved fasting, non-cooperation, as well as many other practices.

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            Gandhi hoped to open his reader’s hearts and minds to non-violence and truth.  He also encouraged fasting, boycotts, non-cooperation, and living spiritually.  Fasting always drew attention from the public.

  Non-cooperation involved the boycott of services, etc., to those who’s ideals were not the same as your own.  His main goal in life was to liberate India from British rule, which he hoped non-violence would accomplish.            Gandhi never used a particular style in his writings.  However he wrote precisely and clearly.  The majority of Gandhi’s writings are persuasive and also instructive.

  When one reads Ghandi’s writings he or she gets the sence that the author wishes that you believe in his cause.  He also describes exactly how a believer in non-violence should practice this way of living.  Therefore, his method of writing was unlike any standard method used by most authors.            The reasoning behind Gandhi using his own personal style and method is because it mirrored his own personal life.  He wrote simply and truthfully.

  Gandhi also used his own personal style in hopes that his readers would live their own lives the same way. Ghandi believed that everyone within India could unite regardless of their race, religion, or beliefs.  He wanted India to become pure through spirituality and non-violence.

            At last, Gandhi finally reached his major goal.  He saw the fulfillment of his efforts to liberate India from Colonial rule.  Sadly, Gandhi’s life came to an abrupt end on January 30th, 1948.  Gandhi was murdered by Hindu fanatics.

  However, his writings and beliefs of non-violence are still read and practiced around the world.


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