Galileo handbook which describes how they all

Galileo was forced to confess that everything he has discovered was wrong, but it was all just the churches way of saying that he held a heretical point of view. He was found guilty and was convicted of “suspicion of heresy” but I don’t think he was officially labeled a heretic, however, Galileo was put on house arrest for the crime of studying science. Galileo was mad at the church for telling him that he couldn’t share or spread his new findings to the public. The fact that Galileo couldn’t spread his new findings was probably aggravating to him because if he didn’t interest or make the public want to learn more then it would be the church against him.

He also was contradicting the Bible and what it says about outer space and what revolves around what. Contrary to what the church believed, Galileo argued that it was the sun that was the center of the universe not the earth. Even though he was correct, his beliefs got him into some serious trouble as he had to withdraw many of his brilliant ideas and findings. In 1612 he began to encounter serious oppositions regarding his theory about the motion of the earth around the sun. He built a thermoscope devised and constructed a geometrical object and military compasses, he also wrote a handbook which describes how they all work. He even invented and constructed a microscope and telescope which helped him discovered the satellites of the planet, Jupiter. The reason for the Roman Catholic Church of convicting Galileo of heresy was because they thought of Galileo’s “heliocentrism” as the way to make him decide whether he wants to be executed or put under house arrest and withdraw all his theories.

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Cardinal Bellarmine helped the church out in proving that Galileo was incorrect and that everything he said and all his theories were wrong and contradicting the bible. The council believed that Galileo’s actions had to be punished and that he had to recant everything that he has published and said to the public. In 1992 Pope John Paul II had wrote to the public and New York Times and said that Galileo was wrongfully condemned approximately 360 years ago.

He also stated that we are more technologically advanced than we were in the 1600’s, and how he wanted to publicly apologize for the wrongful condemnation of Galileo. So for these reasons no, I do not think Galileo was a heretic. What I do think is that Galileo was heretically accused and embarrassed in front of the whole Roman Catholic Church. Galileo was proponent of claims and beliefs toward the church, he did not purposely go out against the church.

The church condemned him of heresy but he did none of the sort, he was wrongfully accused, so I agree and with Pope John Paul II.


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