Future Plan Essay

I’m a third year student and in the Faculty of International Trade and Economics right now. I like my specialty because I will have many chances to go abroad. After graduating from my university, I hope to find a good job with a good salary in an environment I could use my abilities.

My older brother said that I could be an exporter or leader of a foreign company if I try, it sounds very interesting!Of course, I also want to work in a foreign company, I think it’s a good environment to develop my skills: speaking English, writing faxes or emails and contracts with customers, especially communication skills, and the method of working is very professional. I also want to earn much money from my work in the future, so I will work hard to earn a higher salary than expected. Now I live far away from my parents but I have to depend on them for everything. I love my parents and want to give them some money or other things to help them have a better life in future years when I have graduated.

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I’m trying to learn English, because it’s an international language and I can’t help but use it when I working with foreigners. But I don’t have enough time to continue learning. I want to find a part time job to earn extra money be in contact with the environment outside my university. So the reason I feel it’s very difficult to make up my mind. I wanna find a job where I can practice speaking English. I would work in the evening or on the days I don’t have to go to uni, I could learn on the Internet.I’m only just 21 years old, too young to get married soon.

I would love a job with many opportunities to travel many places, other countries in the world, to know new cultures there, specially eat much good food. In the future, when I have enough experience I’d like to build my own company for exporting or a restaurant, or a store where I can earn money by myself. I will employ many people and give them work in order to contribute to the development of my country. I hope my dream comes true


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