Future of Online Media Essay

Future of Online MediaIt goes without saying the future of media is, definitely, digital, because the power of search engines are able to make information available for all readers in the whole world meaning that information, music and radio channels will be available worldwide and will be accessed at any time. Digital revolution has strongly affected publishing world. Nowadays about 50% of news, journals and magazines are delivered electronically and their number is swiftly growing due to Internet and hi-tech developments. Therefore, online media provides more benefits than printed one.

Online media will promote the idea of paperless media and thus the environmental protection will be enhanced as well. Therefore, paperless publishing is more prominent than earlier.Online publications and productions possess the same qualities as normal printed publishing i.e. graphics, colors and images, though they are even more vivid and improved in e-world. Inline media motivates writers, poets and musicians to write exciting things which will be available practically immediately and there is no need to wait.

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Online media makes the process of distribution faster and easier. Online media ensures high levels of visibility and thus receives maximum recognition. Online media will lead to significant savings in distribution costs and printing. As it was mentioned online media is a convenient ay of rapid publication, because it speeds the process.In contrast to printed media, online media involves not only text and images, but also sound clips, video clips.

Furthermore, online media can be interactive and ensure access to international communities providing links to other domain databases. The next moment to mention is that online publishing offers top rankings in search engines. However, the main benefit is time management savings, because a person doesn’t have to pay extra money, he simply needs to have access to Internet resources. Moreover, online media is available 24 hours per day, whereas distribution of printed media is time-limited.ReferencesBangar, Pawan. (2006, May 19).

Benefits of E-Publishing. Retrieved January 30, 2007, from   http://www.buzzle.com/editorials/5-18-2006-96484.asp 


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