Future of education Essay

Truly modern school education is something we can scarcely imagine our life without.

Nowadays society of high informational environment urges us to possess certain skills and amount of knowledge in order to keep up with the times. To think of it, our ability of functioning properly in modern world is greatly due to education that we receive at school. At present, level of technology rising so rapidly, requirements to the education of common citizens also grow. However, since many seniors leaving school do not enter any university, the responsibility of providing them with knowledge necessary for their future life is laid on the shoulders of school education in general and public school education in particular. The latter, being free and non-sectarian due to the efforts of Horace Mann, has all the abilities to perform its role perfectly.

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Consequently, if we try and trace the tendencies of the modern public education, we might be able to see what improvement will take place some twenty to thirty years laterFirst of all even now we see that, thanks to annual teacher conferences and courses of special training, the level of teaching improves every year. In several decades we should expect the level of school teaching to reach or even grow over the present level of a common university.For second, an amount of available information literally swells along with the loads of new volumes received by the libraries and even greater number of new publications released in the Web. If this process keeps going at the same rate, quite soon the possibilities of finding any information will broaden rather sensibly.

Finally, as it was already clear at the times of Horace Mann, the more educated the common citizen is, the higher the whole society’s standards of living are. So it is inevitable that educational needs will be financed even better and, consequently, the general level of education received by a common student will rise.All in all, even these few arguments stated above are enough to ensure us we will have a decent public school education system in the future. 


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