Fundamentals of research writing Essay

UNIT IQuestion 1:  Which of the statements about a research question is not true?Answer: (d) It is usually one or two sentences in length.Question 2:  The invention technique of coming up with a research question which starts with a central word and concepts are developed and similar concepts branched together is called:Answer: (d) Clustering.Question 3:  The first step in the research process is:Answer: (a) Selecting a topic.

Question 4:  The following statement about concept-mapping is true:Answer: (d) It enhances thinking and learning.Question 5:  The following is not a characteristic of an analytical research paper:Answer: (d) Thesis.Question 6:  The following can be used to narrow the scope of or refine a topic.Answer: (d) Use the 5 W’s to restrict your subject to a particular time, place, etc.

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Question 7:  A thesis statement is found on what type of research paper?Answer: (c) Argumentative.Question 8:  Which of the following is an example of a thesis for an argumentative paper?Answer: (b) Listening to music while studying results in better grades.Question 9:  The following is normally not a consideration in determining the research question for a research paper:Answer: (d) Does it argue one main point?Question 10:  Which of the following is not a characteristic of an argumentative paper?Answer: (c) Critical thinking.

UNIT IIQuestion 1:  The following is not an invention technique normally used for developing a research question:Answer: (c) Refining.Question 2:  The following best describes a research paper:Answer: (a) An essay.Question 3:  The following is not a goal of preliminary research:Answer: (d) The completion of the research question.

Question 4:  Sometimes the preliminary research results in the writer finding out that he/she would rather select another topic.Answer: TrueQuestion 5:  The following is not a considered a goal of preliminary research for a research paper:Answer: (d) Writing the outline of the paper.Question 6:  The two main types of research resources available are:Answer: (c) Primary and secondary.

Question 7:  The following is not a true statement about the “So What?” Test:Answer: (c) Do not construct a thesis statement about a controversial subject.Question 8:  Which of the following is not an area that needs to be analyzed when evaluating a book to determine if it should be a source for your research?Answer: (d) Cover.Question 9:  The “so what test” should be applied to your thesis or research question to determine:Answer: (b) If the topic is worth writing about.Question 10:  According to Kathy Livingston, a thesis statement has two parts. They are:Answer: (a) Topic and point of the essay.

UNIT IIIQuestion 1:  The following is not a benefit gained from using the computer to develop research paper outline:Answer: (c) Analyzing the original assignment.Question 2:  The following is not a positive consideration when evaluating a web resource for a research paper:Answer: (c) A link to the article can be easily established.Question 3:  The following is a primary source of information available to research paper writers:Answer: (b) An interview with two homeless persons in your town.

Question 4:  The following link to on-line, journal articles and trade publications is not available in the CSU online library “Articles” page:Answer: (a) Academic Search Elite.Question 5:  The following is not a primary consideration when evaluating sources:Answer: (d) Is the source accessible?Question 6:  CSU’s online library contains more than ____________electronic books including textbooks.Answer: (a) 9,000.Question 7:  The following heading is not normally found in an analytical outline:Answer: (a) Thesis statement.Question 8:  The following does not indicate the importance of using outlines to aid the writing of research papers:Answer: (a) Outlines allow you to proceed without concern of substance.

Question 9:  According to Annette Skov, criteria to consider when utilizing a web resource do not include the following:Answer: (b) Length.Question 10:  The following is a secondary source of information available to research paper writers:Answer: (b) A website on a book about the homeless.UNIT IVQuestion 1:  The paraphrase would be considered plagiarism.

Answer: FalseQuestion 2:  The paraphrase would be considered plagiarism.Answer: TrueQuestion 3:  The following hint cannot be used to avoid plagiarism when taking notes for a research paper:Answer: (d) Use different colored pens for quotations.Question 4: “Someone else” does not refer to:Answer: (c) A published author who you have accurately cited and referenced in your work.Question 5:  The following is not a true description of plagiarism:Answer: (d) Plagiarizing enhances your academic integrity and strengthens your own responsibilities as a student writer, your audience, and the research communityQuestion 6:  The following APA format in-text citation cannot be utilized when directly quoting from a work where the author is known:Answer: (d) A recent (2003) study of the upcoming Olympic Games in Athens was…Question 7:  The following is considered summarizing:Answer: (c) Involves putting the main idea(s) into your own words, including only the main point(s). Once again, it is necessary to attribute these ideas to the original source. These are significantly shorter than the original and take a broad overview of the source material.Question 8:  The following would not be included in the “ideas or phrasing” mentioned:Answer: (b) A picture you drew.Question 9:  The following hint cannot be utilized to avoid plagiarism when taking notes for a research paper:Answer: (a) Not citing facts even though they are not commonly known.

Question 10:  The paraphrase would be considered plagiarism.Answer: TrueUNIT VQuestion 1:  The following in-text citation would be utilized for a work that has no author or date listed:Answer: (c) A similar study was done of students learning to develop research papers (“Research Writing,” 2003).Question 2:  The following format would be utilized for the listing of an online journal article in a reference:Answer: (d) Milsap Y.A.(2001).

A Police Response to Terrorist Activities. Journal of Law Enforcement, 7(1). Retrieved February 9, 2003, from 3:  The following rule about in-text citations would be incorrect when using APA guidelines for doing a research paper:Answer: (a) Put quotation marks around the titles of shorter works such as journal articles, articles from edited collections, television shows, and song titles.

Question 4: The following format would be utilized for the listing of a television series in a reference:Answer: (d) Monk, S.L (Producer). (1982). The Brotherhood. [Television series]. Mobile, Alabama: HBOQuestion 5:  The following statement about APA paper format requirements is not correct:Answer: (b) The paper should be numbered consecutively beginning with the title page.

Question 6:  When using APA Guidelines, the following method of indicating in-text citations is incorrect:Answer: (b) In his work on NATO, Summerall summarized the status of its army.Question 7:  In the formatting of quotations, the following would be utilized for a block quote:Answer: (a) According to Jones (1998), “Students often had difficulty using APA style, especially when it was their first time” (p. 199)Question 8:  The following format would be utilized for the listing of an article or chapter of a book in a reference list:Answer: (d) Metcalf, R.C. & Orange, R.R.

(1991). APA Guide for Preparing Manuscripts for Journal Publication. Washington DC: American Psychological Association.Question 9:  When writing a research paper using APA guidelines and citing work where no date or author is available, the citation is correct:Answer: (c) The chief religion in Kiribati is Protestantism (“Pacific Islands Religion,” n.d.)Question 10:  When writing a research paper using APA guidelines and citing a specific part of an electronic source, the following in-text citation is incorrect:Answer: (a) (Nelson and Smith, 2003, p.

24)UNIT VIQuestion 1:  The following statement about sentences written in active voice is not true:Answer: (b) The subject receives the action expressed in the verb.Question 2:  The following is not a normally on a list of items that should be considered when proof reading:Answer: (c) Paper length.Question 3:  The following is a question that should be asked during the proof reading phase of the first draft of the research paper:Answer: (a) Does Is your thesis statement or research question clearly stated?Question 4:  The following word cannot be eliminated to reduce wordiness:Answer: (b) Throughout.Question 5:  The following is a trait of paragraph unity:Answer: (d) The entire paragraph should concern itself with a single focus.

Question 6:  The following statement about paragraphs is not true:Answer: (c) Your body paragraphs are the least important part of your paper.Question 7:  The following is not a principle used in the development of paragraphs:Answer: (a) Do not repeat key words, synonyms are much more effective..Question 8:  The following statement about the writing of a conclusion is not true:Answer: (c) If possible, end your conclusion with a quotation.Question 9:  The following is a method recommended for overcoming writer’s block:Answer: (d) Set small goals for yourself.Question 10:  The following action is not taken during the proofreading process:Answer: (d) Adding.Reference1.

       Sarah Hamid.(2001). Writing a Research Paper. Online Writing Lab.

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