Fundamentals of Information Systems Essay

Fundamentals of Information SystemsThe new employees are required to follow the code of ethics which is based on the code of ethics specified by the Association of Information Technology Professionals. The new employees should be informed that they have an obligation to the management and that they are required to contribute to the development of information processes. The employees have obligation to the fellow members in the association and it is the duty of the employees to strictly follow the rules specified the company code of ethics. The employee is expected to respect the fellow members of the organization.  The employees also have an obligation to the society and it is their duty to contribute to the spread of knowledge pertaining to information processing. They are not supposed to reveal the knowledge of confidential nature to the other members in the society.

It is necessary to maintain the confidence of the society and employer.The confidential information will not be used by the employee to achieve the personal goals or wishes. The new employees should be convinced that they have an obligation towards their employers and it is they should discharge their duty to the fullest of their ability so that this will lead to the improvement in the position of the company. The employee has obligation to the college and the country and hence should try to uphold the ethical principles. The code of ethics includes issues such as: the obligation to the employer, fellow members, society, college, and the country and maintaining confidentiality of the computer knowledge.

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The code of ethics is necessary to educate the employee concerning his obligations towards the organization and the society. The employee can protect his privacy at work as long as he follows the code of ethics. The organization can protect its business by monitoring the employee activities so that the employees follow the code of ethics and protect the business interest of the company. (AITP)The government agencies and private corporations have used different methods to prevent computer related crimes. The government agencies have implemented the legislations passed by the government in order to restrict the computer related crimes. However, these legislations do not distinguish between cyber crime and other criminal activities. Due to the anonymous nature of the internet and use of new technological tools by the cyber criminals it is extremely difficult to punish the culprits with the help of these legislations.

For example, the US government has introduced the legislations such as: computer fraud and abuse act, privacy protection act, and electronic communications privacy act.  There are many limitations in these legislations as they have not taken into consideration the enormous technology advancement that one can notice in the field of computer technology. The private sector has cooperated with the government in order to arrest the computer criminals. The private corporations use the technological tools such as blocking software and filtering software in order to curb the activities of the computer criminals. However, the computer criminals have been updating their technological knowledge to escape punishment. Another important method used by the government and private corporations in order to prevent crime related computer is to educate the consumers and the children regarding the computer ethics.

The method of educating the masses pertaining to computer crimes is most effective in restricting the activities of the computer criminals because when the people obtain education pertaining to the mode of operation of the computer criminals, they will not indulge in any suspicious interaction with any particular person. This safeguards the interest of the computer consumers.Bibliography“Code of Ethics”, Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP), retrieved 12            February 2006 from <> 


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