Functional area interrelationship Essay

Riordan manufacturing company is one of the Virtual organizations, which are currently leading in production of plastic products. Their products range from plastic heart valves, beverage containers of different sizes and fan parts of various sizes. It was established in 1991 by Dr. Riordan. This company provides employment opportunities to over 500 people, thus plays a major role in improving the economy of the country. In terms of technology, Riordan has embraced the use of computers to make their work proficient.

They use the bar code readers to take inventories and also to determine the prices of the raw materials and finished goods..The organizations mission is to be providers of quality plastic products, which can be of long term benefits economically and commercially, based on their goals and objectives. The products manufactured should be efficient and flexible so as to enable theOrganization to provide timely response to the markets demand and customers needs. The organizations vision is to ensure that they remain the leading company in production of polymers that match the consumer’s tastes and preferences. The other focus is to grow and expand so as to reach as many markets as possible.

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Environmental conservation is also focused on by the organizations vision.Riordan Manufacturing values better relationship with not only its customers but also the employees. They look forward to creating diversity in its work environment. Through innovativeness from different traditions of many societies, the company gives priority to recruiting, developing and retaining talents of its employees. The employees of the company have gained knowledge in supply of products to consumers all over the world, hence their efficiency have been upgraded.Goals of this organization have been categorized to three groups which involve aims towards the customers, employees and the company itself. To the customers, this company aims to avail quality services to them and also providing adequate solutions to their demands and other challenges.

They strive not to be part of the problems faced by the consumers. Also, the company seeks to establish a long term relationship with the consumers for them to remain in business. This humble relationship is achievable through price regulations of goods while at the same time providing innovative feedbacks to attend the problems of consumers.

To the employees, it aims to ensure that they are well armed with adequate information of the company and how to handle its products. Employees should be provided with support and their skills furthered so as to enable them to handle work assigned to them. In addition, the company seeks to create teamwork with its employees, and this will be of much help in ensuring the profitability of the company as a whole. For the success of the organization, a good working environment free from any disturbance should be created, thus becoming one of the company’s goals (Daft, 2009). To the company, they should aim to respond to the tight competition in the field. Profit making being a primary objective of most of the organizations, Riordan tries as much as possible to maximize this.

Wastage in form of time and capital is reduced so as to achieve the goal of profit maximization.To sum up, the company also aims to address the global issue of environment. They should take an initiative of conserving the environment through production of biodegradable products. Also, they should be part of the campaigns advocating to maintenance of the environment to the rest of the world. This is to mean that they should be good role models for others to follow.ReferencesDaft L.

R. (2009). Organization Theory and Design. 10th ed. New York: CengageLearning 


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