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From an early age, I have been fascinated by computers and how theyperform. Having been educated in the Iranian system, I have always beenfrustrated by the fact that most schools in Iran seem to regard the study ofcomputers as an afterthought. My enthusiasm to pursue it further has evolvedinto a deeper and more meaningful desire to study Computer Science at auniversity level. With a BSc from a UK university, I want to gain skills I canuse to devote myself to a career in this rapidly expanding field that haspermanently changed the world we live in. The logic, regularity and practicality of Computer Science is whatattracts me to the subject.

I am especially captivated by its academic aspects:its connection to mathematics and problem solving. After reading “The Patternof Stones” by W. Daniel Hillis, I was inspired by the book’s demonstration ofhow seemingly complex operations can be understood as repeating simpleoperations. This logical aspect is one of my main motives for studying computerscience.  My school curriculum has prepared me for the course and motivatedmy interest in it. I developed strong mathematical skills in an advanced highschool mathematics curriculum, the equivalent to the first year of university.

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Having enjoyed being challenged by my favourite topics – differentialcoefficients, integrals, and functions – I am motivated to choose a practicalcourse with a mathematical grounding. I look forward to taking computer sciencemodules focusing on mathematics, problem-solving, and logic. Besides theintriguing maths I studied in high school, I also explored two basic computerscience courses. The material covering data processing and information systems firedmy interests. I’m excited to develop my understanding in this area further bychoosing courses in data structures and database theory and systems. To follow up on my interest in the field of computer science, Iworked at IT-Orbit Co.

, an Iranian software company, as an intern. My job wasto maintain websites using a software called Kentico, update web style sheetson a regular basis by coordinating with design staff, and organize web pageswith proper anchors and multimedia elements. Following this experience, I can’twait to gain an insight into software design through software engineering and designmodules.

 This course requires a significant amount of hard work. Myinvolvement in sport and charity demonstrates that I have the necessary traitsto succeed in it. In addition to my school studies, I’ve been in love withbasketball since my second year of school. Having trained regularly for morethan 6 years, I am now at a level to train with the national team. I am alsoinvolved in charity work, volunteering with the Popli Khalatbari CharitableFoundation as a soccer coach at a summer camp for refugee children in Iran.These experiences gave me the teamwork, self-discipline, and self-confidence Ihave today, which I will bring to the course. My internship in computer science was inspirational, helping meunderstand the rapidly changing landscape of software innovation worldwide.

Asa future job, I would like to start my own software company or business andbecome an entrepreneur. The knowledge, skills and experience I’ll gain atuniversity will be vital in helping me develop the necessary programming andproblem-solving skills to do so. Beyond this, however, I relish the prospect ofstudying the raw science of computing for three years.


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