From costs are centered around 6 types.Industrial,

From my personal opinion, I see the costs are centered around 6 types.Industrial, cost and non-industrial costs are also direct and indirect costs.Fixed, variable, and mixed costs are also costs that can be controlled, costs that cannot be controlled, the cost of keeping inventory, and finally the costs of wood.Call on those with experience to improve staff performance and financial costs such as the training of carpentersBuying machines to improve the export and delivery of goods to customers quickly, easily and effectively* Non-financial, which is the result of our knowledge of carpenters ‘ courses or the presence of people to increase the performance of employees will cost them to delay their work and as a result, they will require additional hours or vacation work to meet the need or to reduce the backlog of work left* The benefits will improve the performance of employees, carpenters, and the customer will feel loyal because of the interest in his requests to be resolved.In the first stage, this is a foundational phase so we have to define all that might happen in the future, because half of our target for success is the client and the other half of the causes of success are employees so it has to be development or better work than it is now quasi-bad and everybody sees that it is a shortening so the employee should feel from vinegar The decision is so satisfying must be assigned to each section who is competent so that the current situation improves and everyone is in the right position to do what is in favor of the companyAs for the blotting, they have to put in their plans what they think fills the work of the wood so that they don’t throw a big number useless and they should they make sizes of wood that employees can make without extravagance or throw a huge number without the benefit of it.It’s becoming more competitive on the price and delivery side, and they’ve earned a lot of orders, but they’re about what they were before. The director must set standards to make staff more effective and survive to do better than ever before and to increase customer satisfaction at the same time.

To provide each level of the job ladder with a certain robe and promotional symbols and increase their enthusiasm in the machines they use so that they change their exterior design In a way that returns to employees with strong work in production • Bored staff to work extra hours without a pleasant reason for them• The probability of being less quality• Customers will be less loyal because they feel that the product is less quality than it would have been or because the product was delayed

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