Frisco Education Foundation Scholorship Application Essay

Frisco Education Foundation Scholorship Application                Having a college education these days is an important part of insuring that a person will have, at the very least, a comfortable and secure future that is supported by a regular source of income. This is the case for every youth in school these days, but the truth is that not all of them will get to go to college because of financial difficulties. For most of them, a scholarship is the answer to their prayers in order to finish their education. Although there are several scholarships available, the most difficult and cutthroat scholarship to be awarded is the Athletic Scholarship. It is this very scholarship that Jon wishes to apply and possibly receive a grant for.                Jon does not come from a wealthy family. College is a dream that has been inculcated into him by his parents from an early age. Since Jon is a very athletic person, he has dreams of completing a four-year degree on an athletic scholarship that will enable him to pursue his dream of becoming a teacher and athletic high school coach.

So what sets Jon apart from those other athletes who are vying for the same?                At the Centennial Frisco High School, he has distinguished himself as a model student athlete with highly untapped potential and capabilities that can help him advance his education. With a 2.5 GPA, he has proven that it is possible to be at the top of your game and continue your scholastic duties. Established as one of Centennial High School’s Top athletes Lettering in Baseball (4 years), and in Football (4 years), he was recently honored by being named to the Texas Football All District 9-4A 1st Team Defense and the All Collin County Defensive Team. Recently, he also bagged an award as the Varsity Team’s Defensive Line MVP.

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Not one to say not to a challenge, Jon has also been selected to letter in Track this coming spring. Jon feels honored to have been chosen to participate in the Elite Sports International Summer tour representing Team Texas at the King Kamehameha Pigskin Classic in Honolulu, Hawaii. Jon believes in having a well-rounded personality. He is known for having a heart for the community. He has supported and the Gary Burns Fun Run the past two years and regularly represents the Centennial Titans at Elementary School rallies and booster sponsored events and fundraisers. You have heard enough about his athletic achievements for now. Let me tell you about Jon, the person and student.

            Jon is a simple boy with simple ideas and beliefs. His dedications to his sports and relentless pursuit of academic advancement are his greatest strengths. He is determined to accomplish both at the same time. He will not let anything that he can prevent stand the way of achieving his goals.

His only weakness, or, for need of a better term, hindrance in achieving his goals, is the lack of financial support for his studies. This scholarship is the only way that Jon can keep his dreams alive and assure him that his future is a bright road still ahead of and waiting to be discovered by him. 


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