Friendship of a Lifetime Essay

Friendship of a Lifetime            “The sky is so beautiful today, Katie, and I can almost remember those picnics we had at the lake. Remember the old willow tree with a hollow middle where we used to keep our diary? I can almost laugh at the thought of it! How childish those dreams we shared and treasured in that old book.

But, oh! What a childhood we had because of it! We were such good dreamers and dream partners. Our plans of the future seemed so large and special but how they quickly changed within a week or two. I remember how much we wanted to singers after watching that Broadway musicale. It lasted for two weeks until the circus came to town and all our dreams of becoming a singer shifted to becoming lion-tamers! Remember, how much we pestered our parents to buy the lion at the zoo so that we might tame it?            Those were the days when every problem could be solved by lemon drops or a lollipop. Come to think of it, our problems were never that big. Probably it’s because we always had each other to share our hearts out. Those sleepless nights we had spent for sharing our wildest thoughts and imaginations.

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What imaginations you had back then! To think a ten-year old like you would fashion stories of ladies held prisoners by some dragon and to be saved by a handsome knight in shining armor. The world was so small back then. This little town we love so much for its simplicity is now fast becoming a busy city. I miss the quietness of the life we had back then.            I still have the little book you gave me before you left for college.

You told me that if I would send my letters through the mail, they might get lost somewhere so I had better write down all I wanted to tell you in it and when you would return for vacations we could read them together. I want you to know what there only a few pages left are and the rest are yellow with age. Sometimes I don’t want to write in it so that I can save the remaining pages if I think of something better to write down or to share. But I’ll always remember the time when you said No matter how short or useless you think you are writing down, don’t forget that there’s someone here who cherishes every bit of detail that comes from you. You have taught me a lot in life, my dear friend. The bond we have will never be broken! You always showed me how important I was to you and in return, I learned to appreciate myself.

You were always everybody’s favorite. You had the brains and the beauty that it was never hard for people to love you. But how you stood up with me in those times! I will never forget them.            Actually, the reason why I am here is because of Leo. If you remember, he was the guy who lived two miles from our place. Much to my surprise, he happens to be in the same school I am in. Anyway, before the holidays he told me that he had an uncle who would be traveling back to the country for a few weeks and Leo asked me if I wanted to hitch a ride to visit my Grandma.

I accepted the offer with no hesitations. Oh, I wish you could have traveled with me then. I missed the country so much that I cried on my first night there. My life has many beautiful memories cherished in my heart because of my childhood and I want you to know that part of those memories is you. The country would never be as wonderful as it is if you were out of the scene.

            On the second day I wandered to the lake and found the old willow tree still sturdy. Much to my surprise, the diary we kept when we were kids was still there and that’s why I have it right now. It amazed me a lot how it it has fought time’s decay. I read it every night before going to sleep during my stay in Grandma’s house as well as now that I’m back in the city.

When I got home yesterday I took out the letters you sent me when you were in college and pasted it on the remaining pages of the diary. I also added a few of my thoughts in it. How I missed doing so.

I only wish you could write in too. Maybe some other time.            Oh, by the way, Grandma sent her love. She hopes that you will receive it with warm hugs and kisses. She baked our favorite cookies and I ate them on the way home. I was so amused at my sudden thought of you and I sharing those cookies. I was just thankful that you weren’t with me during that time otherwise we would have fought over them.            The sky is darkening already.

I think I really have to go now. My mother told me to take in the laundry from the line before it rains so I think I’d better be doing that now. Bye, Katie dear! Until next time!”            I stood up and kissed the rose I had in my hand. With a glance at the darkening sky I tenderly laid the rose on my best friend’s tomb.

It was her 3rd Death Anniversary. 


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