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‘Friends’ made its debut in 1994, it’s a long running emmy award winning comedy romance sitcom that depicts what life was like as a twenty year old, single group of friends living in Manhattan in the late 90’s. The group consist of six main characters who are all known for their unique traits and characteristics. Monica played by Courteney Cox depicts a OCD bacteria freak who plays a professional chef, she always played the mother character in show towards the rest of the group of friends. Monica also has a brother in the show known as Ross played by the very talented David Schwimmer. Ross was the type of character every viewer knew as the three time divorced unlucky yet witty paleontologist who had a passion for dinosaurs. My favorite aspect of Ross’ character was his love for dinosaurs and how he would never hold himself back when expressing that love even as a 30 year old. Ross’ good friend Chandler Bing, played by Matthew Perry played that one sarcastic person in every group of friends who’s jokes were nothing but awkward making him especially hilarious to watch.

Chandler later on in the show became engaged to Monica, their relationship proved that two very different people can in fact develop a successful relationship and eventually a family. And then there is Rachel Green played by the award winning actress Jennifer Aniston. What I loved the most about Rachel’s character was the fact that she played so many different roles, from the runaway bride to the lost waitress to a professional employee at Ralph Lauren. Rachel Green and Ross had an on and off relationship throughout the sitcom eventually leading to them having a child but not being married. Joey Tribbiani played by Matt Leblanc played the child in the group, though he was the same age as the rest.

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Joey was also known as the playboy character who had a very comedic but bad reputation for sleeping with many women on a regular basis. Last but not least of the group of six ‘Phoebe Buffay’ played by the most talented Lisa Kudrow. Phoebe has got to be my favorite character of the group, she always appears to be living life to the fullest yet the weirdest way. Her hipster style, bad singing voice and lovable character made her very unique and extremely hilarious. I personally looked up to her as a character as she came from a very broken family but yet continued to live love and laugh. I would rate this sitcom 10/10, the humour is sensational and very relatable.

Its original to a point that you almost feel like you know the characters personally and that you are apart of the group.  I particularly enjoyed the sticky situations each character would get into and  that often turned out to be a complete nightmare for them such as misunderstandings that led to terrible complications or whenever they celebrate thanksgiving, as something always went wrong. The farce in the sitcom was never ending and though it was just recently the 10th anniversary of friends not airing anymore, the show remains popular and very well known by our younger generations, therefore suggesting that this sitcom was a huge success.


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