Freshmen College Application Essay

Freshmen College Application Essay            My background is deeply rooted in my parental heritage. My parents migrated to the United States from South Korea. Our family is very proud that I will be the first in my family to attend and complete my college education here. Like any typical Korean student, I struggled with an identity crisis throughout my high school days as I tried to find a balance between the Asian and Western ways in my personality. This affected my grade average in a certain way.

I am currently a C average student. This grade average should not be a reflection of the real person that I am. Please allow me to tell you a little about myself.The motto of the University of Buffalo is ” Service to the Student, the School, the Profession and the Community”. These are the very things I believe in and embody. I will be an active participant in the school community just as I am an active participant in my home community. I have been an active member of my local church and have participated in a missionary trip to Washington on their behalf. I am a socially conscious person who realizes how lucky I am in life.

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This is why I also volunteer my spare time to working for People to People in order to help feed those in need. I am a highly motivated person who is dedicated to learning all about business and has taken after my father’s personality in the sense that my untapped capability shine in tight situations that require planning and execution.             Through your educational guidance, I believe that I can further harness my talents that are now only beginning to be discovered. I am the first offspring of an immigrant family to attend college in the USA, I have the determination and relentless drive to achieve academic success in my college years.

I want to prove to my parents that, just like them, I have the ability to adapt, learn and become successful in my chosen field.            Setting aside my shortcomings as a high school student, I believe that I should be given the last slot as a student in the University of Buffalo. My high school grades are not a reflection of the real person I am. I am slowly coming to terms with my self and now have a better understanding of who I want to be and what direction I wish to take. All I ask is for the chance to prove myself. You will not make a mistake in choosing me for the final slot because I do not intend to disappoint the faith and trust you will give me as a student.

You will not find another student who will strive to be the living embodiment of the university ideals and goals. I know that I will reach the success in the business field that I am intent on conquering with your support.;


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