Frequent absence at workplace Essay

Frequent absence at workplaceFrequent absence from workplace is to be discouraged in any worker. There are several reasons behind it, one of which has been rightly pointed out by Dale Carnegie in his How to influence people as mar of relationship between the worker and the authority and the other is invariably hamper in productivity i.e. work-growth.  If we delve deep into the points, it becomes clear to us. Regular presence in the workplace helps build daily output of the production of a concern quite naturally.

In any organization, devotion of a worker to the job is a prime requirement. In case of frequent absence, dedication of a worker to his work naturally stands questioned. Again, the reputation of a concern too stands threatened if its workers keep on being absent from duties quite off and on.  But if we flip through the pages of Labor Rules , we are sure to come across a section entitled “Worker’s Rights”. There is a provision for considering the absence of a worker on a few grounds, for example, prolonged indisposition, maternity, abrupt incapacitation.

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All these causes are chartered under specific leave-provisions. Thus, they support a specific period of justified absence, instead of intermittent irregularity unsupported by  any veritable cause. But, if any worker, without registering under any specified cause ,mentioned so far , keeps on playing truant from his workplace then it is nothing but deliberate frequent absence. This cannot be tolerated, no doubt. The general graph of the workers’ nature reveals that dedication to productivity takes a downward slope along with confirmation at that particular job. It is taken for granted that the work is secured with him. Hence the worker tends to scrounge undue advantage along with every passing day.

Of course, it cannot be a rule. Some workers are of this nature. But it is a general trend that sense of security tows in a bit of assurance. But it cannot be any free passport to indulge in frequent absence at workplace, hampering daily work growth leading to cumulative productivity, reputation of the organization, natural harmony and overall discipline. If I am given a chance to talk about my personal realization, I can say that frequent absence from workplace did cost me dear.

I used to work with a  Cement Company. But a strange feeling of indisposition held me back from going to my work daily. Naturally, my dedication to my work stood questioned and as productivity was lowering with every passing day , I was served with a Show Cause notice and was consequently fired. But I was left with sundry questions assailing me. Self-analysis dawned the truth on me !   The bad wont of being deliberately absent quite frequently must be given up as it threatens the daily work output of a concern.

Again, credibility as well as goodwill of a company stand jeopardized if any worker or workers keep on being absent off and on. Frequent absence, naturally , cannot be tolerated by the authority.  Surely, frequent absence hampers the work-growth as well as worsens the worker-owner relationship. Hence, a negative impact is the last word. I felt it with my heart when in a long harangue  my boss in the new job [in a bookstore] made it clear after a couple of days’ absence last week. And, I have promised not to be absent at all if I can manage! Really, veritable reasons are there not to tolerate frequent absence at workplace. 


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