French Revolution Essay

Dear Prime Minister Talleyrand,                       I am a noble woman and a widow.

My husband was a solider in the war. He was killed a few months before the War. I am writing about what I read in the paper about Napoleon’s abdication and defeat as well the congress in Vienna, which I read in the newspaper, which are going to meet to determine the fate of Europe for the next hundred years. The article went on say this congress of Vienna will be conducted by all dignitaries from every country in Europe to settle the question of new boundaries and will enrich France for years to come.                I believe we should achieve a balance of power for the preservation of peace. I disagree with reading in the papers about congress opening with magnificent balls and entertainment while serious business, such as restoration is stalled by rivalries and intrigue. This is not what you are there for Prime minister.  This is to make Europe an organic whole.

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                I agree with the Quadruple Alliance and the Holy Alliance, who are designed to uphold the decisions made in Vienna.  I believe this will settle the disputes and problems and will be an important step toward European cooperation.  I hope Prime minister, that you make the right decisions at this meeting concerning the future of the people of France. I feel they will be serious disastrous defects if you choose to disregard the growing national aspirations and social changes that will surely accelerate this revolution to becoming worse.                                                                                                     Sincerely,                                                                                                 A Noble Woman                                             -Reference Site-1.      Benet’s Reader’s Encyclopedia fourth Editon.

Edited by Bruce Murphy Harper Collins Publishers 1996.            2. Study of Congress of Vienna 


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