French Revolution Essay

The whole France is undergoing some drastic transformation during the regime of King Louis XVI.

It all started in 1789. As a sergeant of Napoleon Bonaparte’s army, we are engaging in war after war, campaign after campaign outside of France.Napoleon Bonaparte was a fine man. He only stands a couple of inches over five feet, but his bravery and tactical skills are supreme. We are winning most of our battles, and are slowly conquering Europe and other nearby countries.

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The king is in the verge of political crisis when our army returned to France after taking on several campaigns. The crisis is due to the uproar of lower classmen of the society. They are all coming out to assert their positions and their places in the society. Food scarcity and unemployment has been the driving force of the conflict.

Our leader, the great Napoleon Bonaparte, is so powerful. His influence and reputation is immense in the whole of Europe. It was apparent that he has plans of his own during the time riots and revolutionary activities are rampant in France.

His own desire of wealth, power, and superiority is seen as he commands the army.He saw his chance to dominate France in the revolution. Our army suppressed the uprisings and insurrections. That gave us even more control and power over the nation. With the perfect timing, we staged our own coup that paved the way to establish Napoleon’s Consulate. This is the start of our general’s dictatorship and dominance in the land. Napoleon was proclaimed emperor soon enough.

Monarchy was abolished and the republican form of government is built.Our general, now the emperor, has enjoyed several years of supremacy. A lot of reforms were undertaken, including that of the church. Invasion of the entire Europe, including Russia is still being pushed.

Treaties are being signed everywhere.Our leader’s personal desire to take the continent could have triggered the conspiracy of several leaders against him. It was in March 31, 1814 that Paris was invaded and was lost. This marks the fall of the great Napoleon Bonaparte. He was exiled in the island of Elba on April 11.

With the exit of our leader, the Congress of Vienna is set up. They are the group who decides on what happens to the Napoleonic empire and everything that comes with it. The congress is made of up leaders convening as to how the division of the lands is supposed to be and who should rule it.The empire was soon divided into several territories and has dukes to rule it. The discussion went on for almost a year until The Congress’ Final Act was achieved and signed. 


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