Freedom of speech Essay

Introduction:The American Flag is easy being folded into a perfect trigon by soldiers.

Bystanders watch as a 20 one gun salutation is given to a veteran’s household who gave his life for our state. The household weeps over their lost loved one.
This sacred minute in clip is one that no 1 should disrupt. A group out of Kansas known as Westboro Baptist Church ( WBC ) travels around the state protesting at soldiers’ funerals that the decease is God’s penalty to the U. S. for digesting homosexualism in the state. This so called “church” is able to keep protests due to constitutional rights and show their freedom of address ; nevertheless they should non be allowed to protest at funerals out of regard for the asleep and upseting the peace.

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The Westboro Baptist Church is upseting the public’s peace. but still has the freedom of address to lookout and protest what they please. Funerals should be sacred. and hence Congress should go through a jurisprudence puting bounds on where it is acceptable to protest. Research Section:The Brief Bio of Pastor Fred Phelps provinces. in Topeka. Kansas.

Fred Phelps founded the Westboro Baptist Church in 1955. Phelps was appointed to the United States Military Academy at West Point. but alternatively enrolled for Bible/Ministerial preparation at Bob Jones College. Joined by his household and friends. Phelps is still taking the church today. The Westboro Baptist Church is a non – net income organisation.

and the church considers itself an “Old School” Baptist Church.The Westboro Church groups are going around the state doing stops several times a hebdomad to protest and lookout. “Targets include schools the group deems to be accepting of homosexualism ; Catholic. Lutheran. and other Christian denominations that WBC feels are dissident ; and funerals for people murdered or killed in accidents like plane clangs and for American soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

a tactic the group started in 2005” ( The Anti-Defamation League ) . Not merely directed at soldiers and homosexuals. The Westboro Baptist Church fuels on any calamity occurrence in the United States.After the natural catastrophe of hurricane Sandy. the church protests that it was a mark from God. The Constitution. under the Bill of Rights. protects this groups’ protagonism to protest wherever they wish.

The church holds marks stating “Pope in hell” . “Thanks God for dead soldiers” . “God Hates Fags” and anything else to pique the people or groups it is towards. They besides wear American flags around their waste and will kick it about on the land. The community can non digest the verbal anguish any long and this has led to tribunal instances and out interruptions.

Jonsson provinces “While Westboro is normally careful to remain within the jurisprudence and clear protests with local constabulary. counter dissenters have in the past attacked members of the group. even pouring java on them and ptyalizing on them.

” Argument:The Westboro Church should non be able to upset the peace and privateness at a funeral nor picket establishments or persons for back uping homosexualism. The marks they display are upseting. inappropriate.

and violative. The Westboro Church’s controversial visual aspects have led to several tribunal instances covering with topographic points limitations on the freedom to protest. peculiarly distance bounds on how close you are authorized to protest from a funeral site. One instance was brought frontward by Albert Snyder. male parent of Mathew Snyder. a 20 year-old solider killed in Iraq.

Ariane de Vogue stated “The instance. one of the most controversial on the tribunal docket. was brought by Albert Snyder. who sued the church. after members picketed the funeral of his boy. Lance Corporal Matthew Snyder. who died in Iraq” .

The Church has many sentiments that should non be said or displayed to the populace due to the emotional cause and trouble the populace has to digest. Having hurt the American citizens. the Westboro Church. under the first amendment.

has the freedom of address. The First Amendment states “Congress shall do no jurisprudence esteeming an constitution of faith. or forbiding the free exercising thereof ; or foreshortening the freedom of address. or of the imperativeness ; or the right of the people pacifically to piece.

and to petition the Government for a damages of grudges.Therefore. this gives the Westboro Baptist Church the right to protest in public while being protected by federal jurisprudence.

The Church groups were standing far plenty off from the funeral that the tribunal could non turn out the protest was precisely pointed at the Snyder’s son’s entombment. Warren Richey stated “The dissenters stood in a cordoned off country approved by constabulary about a 1000 pess from the church. ” The Supreme Court used the distance the group was off from the entombment to state that the protest was non pointed straight at Snyder’s household during the entombment.Even though The Westboro Church has the First Amendment protecting them. they are still upseting the peace and piquing the populace by protesting. Our freedom of address is protected by the Constitution which is protected by our soldiers. a freedom Westboro Baptist Church has abused by protesting the very soldiers who fight for this freedom.

Keeping marks stating “you’re traveling to hell” . “God hates America” . and “Thank God for IEDs” . are dissing to the populace and the state and are impacting Americans everyplace. “Snyder has called the twenty-four hours his boy died ‘the worst twenty-four hours of his life’ .

His heartache was compounded. he said. by being aiming by the church’s presentations. ‘It is one thing no household should of all time hold to travel through’” ( De Vogue.

Ariane ) . The definition of upseting the peace is “A individual who fights in a public country. or who brings about the menace of contending. anyone who is purposefully riotous of an otherwise peaceable public assembly. one who solicits money while in a public topographic point a individual who is rummy. and unruly in a public country. or any group that participates in an improper assembly” ( For the people ) .

Westboro would fall under anyone who is purposefully riotous of an otherwise peaceable public assembly. The church is demoing hapless judgement and an arrant neglect for human self-respect when they protest at a funeral. Proposal:With all the perturbations that the Westboro Baptist Church has caused.

Congress should integrate judicial proceeding to forestall abuses to others. Congress must go through a jurisprudence puting bounds on the extent of free address and the right to protest in respect to memorial services. Given the freedom of address. Congress can non forbid the protestors from exposing marks that are obscene or saying their sentiments. but can go through a jurisprudence saying how far off from the funeral the protests have to be.

Williams stated. “Indeed. in the incident in inquiry. Westboro complied with constabulary petitions to remain 1. 000 pess from the funeral. and all but the tops of its members’ marks were hidden from mourners’ view” . Congress should take this into consideration and reflect upon veterans and American citizens civil rights. In my sentiment.

household members should non hold to confront such lewdnesss during a period of bereavement.The First Amendment does non forestall Westboro Baptist Church from piquing the household members and citizens from their perverse marks and protests. Therefore. many civil jurisprudence suits have non proven effectual towards the church under the right of the First Amendment and freedom of address. Most Americans whose ideas are negative towards the church’s positions choose to keep antagonistic protests in support of veteran’s household members who have been killed in combat ( Policinski. 2011 ) . Congress go throughing the jurisprudence should assist these households during a clip of heartache to retrieve their loved 1.

and non hold to see the scandalous mark of hatred to this state. Decision:The First Amendment to the Constitution is a privilege Americans take expansive ownership of. However. a group of persons from the Westboro Baptist Church are taking advantage of this right we all have. forcing the freedom of address to the point where citizens are oppugning its true value.

Persons are get downing to come together to counter protest toward Westboro so they will halt dissing those that fight for this state.Policinski stated “A few hebdomads ago. in Nashville.

Tenn. . more than 1. 000 counter-protesters turned out in support of household members of a soldier killed in combat. overpowering the presence of a little Westboro contingent” . The day-to-day lives of Americans should non hold to be interrupted by such insanity.

and holding to see coarse marks hiting down the citizens and their state. besides that their nation’s flag is being tossed around like a shred doll. If we fail to patrol our ain duties as citizens.

America will shrivel back to the laden state it one time was. Congress must force to clear up and specify what is protected In the Constitution and stop this farce that is interrupting our peace.Plants Cited:“Disturbing The Peace. ” For The People. Morgan and Morgan. 2012. Web. 28 Nov.

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