Frederick Douglass Essay

Frederick Douglass has eventually managed to run off from one of his Masterss to go a free slave. but yet he feels fright and paranoia. As he runs off. he contemplates all the possibilities of him acquiring caught by slave owners or even turned in by his ain sort. And it upsets him holding to go through all the houses and nutrient. but he has no shelter and starves with no nutrient. This in fact heightens the strength of his fright and paranoia because he is more likely to be caught with no where to conceal and holding no energy to run because he is hungering. In The Narrative Life of Frederick Douglass. he utilizes things such as parallel syntactic construction. paradoxes. nonliteral linguistic communication. and caesuras to assist portray his feeling of built up malaise and panic.

Frederick Douglass truly takes advantage of parallel syntactic construction to compare his state of affairs of being run off to slaves. Frederick tries to acquire us to experience empathy in his current status. while besides talking of the slaves. He says “-wanting shelter and no 1 to give it-wanting staff of life. and no money to purchase it [ … ] ” ( Douglass 137 ) . This seems more hard to populate with than holding slightly of shelter and holding a spot of nutrient. instead than Douglass holding neither. He gets readers to oppugn such things as. would one bend in a adult male in such demand as? Would one understand more if one knew how it was to be in my status? And this gets people to understand his desperation and hurt.

Douglass uses his paradoxes in a originative manner. Where he uses parallel syntactic construction. he besides utilizes paradoxes. On page 137. where he says “-wanting shelter and no 1 to give it-wanting staff of life. and no money to purchase it [ … ] ” ( Douglass ) . His usage of contradiction is rather effectual because it is difficult to hold all the things you want and need in one’s face. but one can non hold it. For illustration. if a individual wanted a new motorcycle and one was merely sitting at that place in their house waiting for them to take it. but their male parent was standing following to it and if he saw them touch it they would be grounded. And the motorcycle was merely sitting at that place teasing them. The paradoxes get people to understand how annoying it is to be go throughing by all these necessities stay you need to populate and last. teasing you as you pass by.

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While Douglass is running off. he relates slaves and runing slave owners. utilizing nonliteral linguistic communication. to wild animal and himself to the incapacitated quarry. On page 136. Douglass says “…as horrid crocodiles seize upon his quarry! ” He says this because he feels so defenceless that he feels like a small animate being traveling to be eaten. With all the slave owners and there guns and all slaves that might turn him in. he doesn’t truly stand a opportunity with no where to conceal and running out of energy. In add-on. on page 137 he says “…famished runaway is merely equaled by that with which monsters of the deep sup up the incapacitated fish upon which they subsist. ” In this he fundamentally stating it is merely a affair of clip before they find him and take him in. He can’t truly run from them with how hungry he is. he has no energy and no hope that he could out run them if he tried.

On pages 136 and 137. caesuras are applied multiple times throughout these pages to carry on a sense of his concern and anguish. He says like “…in entire darkness as to what to make. where to travel. or where to remain -perfectly incapacitated both as to the agencies of defence and agencies of escape-“ ( Douglass 137 ) The interruptions leave you sort of hanging because you don’t cognize if at the terminal of the following interruption he could be caught or even changeable. And that is where the concern builds because while he was running off he didn’t either if at any 2nd a slave would demo up and turn him in. Or a slave owner would hit him from behind a tree. So a individual truly acquire into his places as a tally off slave and kind of feel what it is like.

Frederick Douglass truly utilised these devices good. They all help construct the reader to go like a fleeting slave merely as he was. Associating slave and slave owners to animate beings. and seting all the caesuras help the reader experience all the malaise he felt because it was precisely how he was experiencing. You would believe at first that he was free now. and all his jobs were gone yet they are still at that place. All the devices he used truly assist you come to that decision.


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