Frank craig brown inc networking Essay


“ FRANK CRAIG BROWN INC ” , rubric of Networking faculty assignment. The purpose of this practical assignment is to entree the pupil ‘s ability to bring forth feasibleness studies sketching the instance for the proviso of a distant working system within a company and to develop a comprehensive undertaking program for Wi-Fi web execution in the office.. Practically making of this assignment gives us the apprehension of the proficient and practical experient accomplishments in radio networking.

This assignment may includes Feasibility study for implementing VPN remote working system, practical occupation of set uping a little radio web with given constellation and research paper for three popular Wireless Broadband Routers with their monetary value, maps and restrictions.I did this assignment by utilizing my accomplishments and my instructor ‘s counsel. After making this assignment, I pleased myself because I have gained much cognition and experience in Networking construct.

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Networking Overview

– What is Networking?Networking means connexion computing machines and other electronic devices to portion information and resources and to pass on.The basic feature for networking is the demand for people to portion informations and to pass on rapidly and expeditiously.- Types of NetworkThere are two basic types of Network by its construction.* Peer to peer: Computers can move as clients or waiters depending on the fortunes of user pick.* Client/server: Waiters portion the resources by centralized control and client entree the resources.

– Network MediaMany types of web media are several types of metallic overseas telegram ( twisted-pair and coaxal ) and fiberoptic overseas telegram every bit good as several signifiers of wireless media.- Network TopologyTopology is the sort of Networking Physical Infrastructure and describes the physical layout design of the web including hardware constituents such as cabling, routers, switches, Bridgess, hubs, waiters and hosts. And the engineerings such as Ethernet, Wireless 802.11, PSTN ( Public Switched Telephone Network ) , ATM ( Asynchronous Transfer Mode ) , methods of communicating over certain types of physical connexions.Logically that represents package elements such as DNS ( Domain Name System ) , Network protocols TCP/IP ( Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol )- Waiters

Application Waiters

– Support the server side of client/server application- Database waiter called MySQL can acquire for Windows Server 2000/2003, Linux, UNIX and NetWare, and so on…

Communication Waiters

– Communication waiters support a mechanism for users outside a web to entree that web ‘s resources ( inward communicating ) and allow users on that web to entree resources outside the web ( outbound communications ) .- Routing and Remote Access Service ( RRAS ) , the powerful communicating waiter contains in Windows Server 2000/2003.

Domain Controllers/Directory Servers

– Sphere Controllers/Directory Servers serve directory services, for users to turn up, shop, and unafraid information about a web and its resources.- The waiter handles logon service and manages the aggregation of computing machines, users, and so on in a sphere.File and Print Waiters- File and print waiters provide basic web file storage, retrieval services, and entree to networked pressmans.

Mail Waiters

– Mail waiters handle e-mail messages for web users.- Acting as a clearinghouse for local exchange of messages- Supply “ store-and-forward ” services.- Mail waiter package such as Microsoft Exchange runs on Windows Server 2000/2003, Novell, Lotus Notes, and so on.


Web Waiters

– Companies use Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol ( TCP/IP ) to administer information on the World Wide Web ( WWW ) , the most well-known facet of the Internet.- Web Server called Internet Information Services ( IIS ) and File Transfer Protocol ( FTP ) includes in Windows server 2000/2003.

VPN Waiters

– VPN ( Virtual Private Network ) provide users to link firmly via Internet from user ‘s computing machine to remote side.- Logical private web but physically connected through the Internet.- Exploitation Burrowing Method over Internet.

DHCP Waiters

– Clients can automatically obtain IP Address and related constellations from DHCP ( Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol )- Need few clip to configure the computing machines IP Addresss- Avoid IP Conflict Error

Undertaking 1

Q ) Produce a study which outlines the benefits of implementing the distant working system for the company. In your study you should* List the possible demands of the basic scenario outlined in the debut.* Explain the advantages and possible disadvantages of implementing a distant working system within the company* Make estimations of the assorted costs of purchasing the equipment. Examples of likely costs will include, but no be limited to:O Procuremento Securityo Supporto CareA ) Harmonizing to the scenario which is described in debut of the assignment, I ‘m the Network Manager of Frank Craig Brown Inc, a major retail company. The company ‘s Head Office is situated in Dubai and it appointed two categories of gross revenues staff viz.

junior gross revenues staff who work from the office and the senior gross revenues staff who work from their places.Recently, the direction has set aside a budget to fit its senior gross revenues force with a mixture of radio enabled portable Notebook PCs, pressmans and Personal Digital Assistants ( PDAs ) to pass on electronically with caput office. Within the office the Management besides wants to change over their existing wired web to a Wi-Fi web.The purpose of the assignment is to bring forth feasibleness studies sketching the instance for the proviso of a distant working system within the company and to develop a comprehensive undertaking program for Wi-Fi web execution in the office.I inform you that I have researched about implementing the distant working system for the company harmonizing to the order of company ‘s Management Team. In my study, I will show you the benefits of implementing the distant working system by spliting three stairss as follow:As above, I report about implementing the distant working system for the company in three classs. In portion 1, I designed the web diagram for the company and remote users utilizing VPN service. I listed the possible demands for the company ‘s web construction.

And in measure 2, I outlined the advantages and disadvantages of remote working system for the company. At the concluding measure, I listed the approximative costs of hardware and package equipments use for the company ‘s web.

Undertaking 2

Q ) Setup a little radio networking in your college or place with the undermentioned constellation ( The given diagram is merely as a basic mention ; your set up can change somewhat ) .Requirements:* Wireless router ( with radio and wired characteristics ) ,* 3 Computer systems with wireless web adapter ( laptop or Personal computer ) running, MS Windows, Ubuntu Linux ( or any distribution ) or a combination of the two.I ) Set up a web with 2 radio nodes and 1 wired node.

( 15 )two ) List out the constituents used for the connectivity and the maps of each constituent. ( 10 )three ) Set up security for the radio connectivity ( WPA ) . ( 5 )four ) Assign the Gateway IP as and do it as a DHCP waiter. Delegate the scope of IP references for the nodes from 192.

168.248.60 – 90. ( 5 )V ) Change the SSID of the wireless entree point as PTLSJC. ( 5 )six ) Produce screen shootings for the followers: Router constellation screen, radio networking constellation of the nodes, ‘View available radio screen ‘ with the given SSID, and list of connected nodes from the router ( 8 ) .

You need to explicate each screen shots the principle for the constellation and explain in item the stairss taken. ( 8 )seven ) Copy a file from a shared booklet from machine 1 to machine 2 via radio web. ( 4 )A ) Harmonizing to the undertaking inquiry, I present my trial as follows:2.

1 – Network diagram puting up with 2 radio nodes and 1 wired node2.2 – List of the constituents used for the connectivity and the maps of each constituent2.3 – Router Configuration2.4 – Radio Networking Configuration2.5 – Booklet Sharing2.

1 Network diagram puting up with 2 radio nodes and 1 wired nodeFig2.1 Wireless Network Diagram2.2 List of the constituents used for the connectivity and the maps of each constituent

ADSL Modem

Features:* Compliant with ITU-T G.992.1 ( G.

dmt ) , G.992.2 ( G.lite ) and ANSI T1.413 Issue 2* TDM-C400 is to boot compliant with ITU-T G.992.

3 ( G.dmt.bis / ADSL2 ) , G.992.5 ( ADSL2+ ) and provides up to 24Mbps downstream rate* Compatible and interoperable with major Central Office side ADSL DSLAM or Multi-service Access System* One 10/100 Base-TX Ethernet port and one USB 1.1 device port for Personal computer / LAN connexion* RFC2684 / 1483 to bridge or route traffic over ATM over ADSL* Support Networking protocols such as PPP, IP routing, NAPT, relay / client* Support local and distant constellation and direction through Web, Telnet or SNMP* Simple microcode upgrade via TFTP, FTP or HTTP* 5-year limited guarantee


Features:* Complies with 802.11g and 802.11b ( 2.

4GHz ) Standards* Unsurpassed Wireless Security with Wi-Fi Protected Accessa„? ( WPA/WPA2 Personal )* Compact travel size router with constitutional aerial* All LAN Ports Support Auto-Crossover ( MDI/MDI-X ) – No Need for Crossover Cables* Connect an optional external aerial to increase response and scope ( external aerial non included )Transmission mediaFeatures:* Exceeds the public presentation demand of Category 5e.* Perfect in concurrence with 10 Base-T and 100 Base-T webs.* 50-micron gold plated connections to guarantee a clean and clear transmittal.* This merchandise is guaranteed for life!* Snagless casting protects the RJ45 pat from being damaged during installing.* PowerSum tested.* Extra headway over standard CAT 5e overseas telegrams.

Desktop Personal computer

Features:* Type Personal computing machine* Windows Vista Certification Windows Vista Premium Ready* Product Form Factor Desktop* Built-in Devices Speaker* Embedded Security Trusted Platform Module ( TPM 1.2 ) Security Chip* Localization English* Desktop type Budget desktop systemConvert Router IP Default to Subnet Mask: 255.

255.255.0Click Save Settings Button and Restart Router.Enter the Router ‘s IP reference, 192.168.

248.57, in the Address field. Then, imperativeness EnterSelect Enabled in the DHCP Server scene and specify Starting IP Address and type 31 In Maximum Number of DHCP Users box, so IP Address Range is displayed 192.

168.248.60~90 and Click Save Settings Button.

In Router Menu, choice Wireless check and so snap Basic Wireless SettingsSelect Mixed in the Mode box.Type PTLSJC in Wireless Network Name ( SSID ) .Choice 06 in Wireless Channel.Select Enabled in Wireless SSID Broadcast.Click Save Settings Button.In Router Menu, choice Wireless check and so snap Wireless SecuritySelect WPA Personal in Security Mode text box.

Select TKIP in Encryption text box.Type Security Key ( 8~63 characters ) in Passphrase text box.Click Save Settings Button.

Undertaking 3

Q ) Research assorted Wireless Broadband Routers for Home/Small office available in your local market by sing the computing machine stores.

List out 3 popular trade names with their monetary value, characteristics and restrictions.A ) Harmonizing to the inquiry, I research three popular trade name Wireless Broadband Routers as follows:3.1 – EnGenius 300Mbps Wireless N Router -ESR-97523.

2 – Cisco-Linksys WRT54GL Wireless-G Broadband Router ( Compatible with Linux )3.3 – TRENDnet – TEW-432BRP Wireless G Broadband RouterMonetary value: $ 50.24Features:* Wireless 802.11n TechnologyThe most advanced radio networking engineering for the best scope and velocity* SmartNATEnsures high public presentation when utilizing P2P applications* Multiple SSIDAllows media streaming to be segmented from regular informations networkingMake a separate SSID for Guest Access ( coming shortly )* Range Expander FeatureExtends the scope of Wi-Fi websRestrictions:Frequency set: 2.400i?z2.484 GHzModulation Technology: OFDM: BPSK, QPSK, 16-QAM, 64-QAM


Operating Channelss: 11 for North America, 14 for Japan, 13 for Europe3.2 – Cisco-Linksys WRT54GL Wireless-G Broadband Router ( Compatible with Linux )Fig 3.

2 – Linksys Wireless-G Broadband RouterMonetary value: $ 56.54Features:- Complies with 802.11g and 802.11b ( 2.4GHz ) Standards- Unsurpassed Wireless Security with Wi-Fi Protected Accessa„? 2 ( WPA2 ) All LAN Ports Support Auto-Crossover ( MDI/MDI-X ) – No Need for Crossover CablesRestrictions:Standards: IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.

3u, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11bChannelss: 11 Channels ( US, Canada )13 Channels ( Europe, Japan )Cabling: Type CAT 5Monetary value: $ 33.24Features:* Wi-Fi compliant with IEEE 802.11g and 802.11b devices* Supports Cable/DSL modems with Dynamic IP, Static IP, PPPoE, PPTP or L2TP connexion types* DHCP waiter characteristic allocates up to253 client IP references* Supports 64/128-bit Wired Equivalent Privacy ( WEP )Restrictions:Standards* Wired: IEEE 802.

3 ( 10Base-T ) , IEEE 802.3u ( 100Base-TX ) , ANSI/IEEE 802.3 Auto Negotiation* Wireless: IEEE 802.

11b ( 11Mbps ) , IEEE 802.11g ( 54Mbps )Wide area network1 ten 10/100Mbps Auto-MDIX Port ( Internet )Local area network4 ten 10/100Mbps Auto-MDIX PortConnection Type Dynamic IP, Static ( Fixed ) IP, PPPoE, PPTP, L2TP


I think that this assignment introduced the pupils to run into the existent life working state of affairs. Students can acquire knowledge and see in Networking by self-doing this assignment. To finish the whole assignment, I do step by measure.Harmonizing to the intent of this assignment, we must concentrate on radio networking occupation.

In the Task 1, I produced two Network diagrams for the study, list out the possible demand with their monetary value and maps to run into the company ‘s demands.Harmonizing to the Task 2 inquiry, I setup a little radio networking in my place with given constellation. First, I designed the little web diagram and utilize two Personal computers and one notebook to setup a web with radio router and configure the Networking scene as given in the undertaking inquiry.In the Task 3.I research three popular Wireless Broadband routers with their monetary value, characteristics and restriction.I think I have gained much cognition in Wireless Networking Concept by making this assignment.


Bibliography- Johnson, David ( 2007 ) Networking Necessities, Fifth Edition, Galatea Training Services Limited, Singapore- Belkin, Functions for overseas telegram Cat5 vitamin Ehypertext transfer protocol: // Product_Id=264226- Trendnet, Functions of Modemshypertext transfer protocol: // prod=100_tdm-c400 & A ; cat=38- Wikipedia, Windows view networking mapshypertext transfer protocol: // Lenovo, Specifications for Laptop Personal computerhypertext transfer protocol: // tag=psum


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