Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Francis X. Gordon and Michael L. Peters: An Unbeatable Pair Essay

Francis X. Gordon and Michael L. Peters: An Unbeatable Pair Essay

The image on the left is Michael L. Peters’ cover painting for REH: Two-Gun Raconteur #14, which will be published this June.  The scene is from the long version of the El Borak yarn “Three-Bladed Doom.”  As you can see, Michael has perfectly captured the savage twilight confrontation between Francis X. Gordon and the dreaded “Haunter of the Gulches.” 

Michael is pulling a double shift this issue – in addition to the color cover, he is also doing a four plate Solomon Kane portfolio.  While he is still working on portfolio as of this writing, I am really looking forward to seeing his interpretation of the dour Puritan. You can also get additional details on this upcoming issue on the Coming Soon page.

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with Michael’s work:  here is some information about him from his website:

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Who is Michael L. Peters?  I’ve drawn Comics for such publishers as Heavy Metal Magazine, Caliber, Image, and CFD.  I create and sell Prints mostly on mythological and fantasy themes, in pen & ink, watercolor and/or acrylics.  A few years ago, I was hired by Ferris State University to create a series of pen and ink portraits of their former presidents.  I’ve taught drawing and illustration through a local art gallery, though I don’t have a degree.  What I’ve learned about drawing and painting, I’ve learned through my own studies and practice and from following the example of those I respect.

Considering the amount of work he has done for TGR in issues 10 through 14 and The Chronicler of Cross Plains #2 (three color covers, four portfolios and one full page illustration),  clearly  I am an unabashed fan of his work.