Four Types of Management Style Essay

Four Different Types of Management Style ?? For many managers, culture is a kind of ornament. The truth is that culture permeates into everywhere of corporation management and influence the whole business area. Different cultures make corporations have different corporation cultures and management style. And these lead companies have several types in the interpersonal relations and organization styles. ?? According to my analysis, I hold the opinion that the enterprise styles can be mainly divided into four categories, including Family Type, Eiffel Tower Type, Missile Type and Hater Type.These four analogies reveal the different relationships between employees and company.

?? Firstly, some enterprise cultures are like culture in the family and such cultures are called family type. The Japanese company has such the family type culture as well as Italy, France and Spain. They believe the most important commercial virtue is love, such as the love for people in different levels, the tolerant to the young or the respect for the elderly. They want to do better than the contracts. ??The family culture is hierarchy and considers power as the center. The leader is like “father” or “brother” but the power and status are considered natural. The power can’t be challengeable and the authority is based on position not the carrying out the task. In family type culture, the leader judges the situation and makes the corporation plan by his intuition.

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The employees will keep the pace of the leader under the pressure of moral and social power, but not the economic or legal punishment. ? Secondly, Eiffel Tower Type is mainly in western country with the clear division of labor about different functions and roles. These divisions of labor will be coordinated by high-level employees in the hierarchy system. In such culture, everyone’s work function is defined clearly and the performance assessment is based on the definition. As a result, the employees don’t have much space for personal creativity. They want the employees’ skills match the requirement of jobs.In German firms, they believe that the private relationship will influence the decision. The goal of the company is far from the employees’ need of power and emotion.

The performance assessment can be conducted well in such culture but this culture doesn’t have high flexibility for the changing situation. ?? Next the type of enterprise culture is like missile. American and English company always have missile culture which is task-oriented and the group will take the responsibility of the task.The members in the group should finish the task by all any kind of means. ?? The Eiffel Tower type emphasizes the method to the conduct but the missile type pursues the result, no matter what to do. Company with missile culture sometimes should pay the high price for the professional talents, as they depending on these multi-disciplinary talents to form the group. However, the group is temporary so the relationship between members won’t go far.

The purpose of forming the group is to make the task finished soon.They cooperate with each other with great zeal to pursue their ultimate goal like Apple Inc. However, in group culture, the standard to measure employees’ value is to measure how much work they have done. In effect, members in the same group solve the problem together so it’s hard to measure their performance as clear as in Eiffel Tower culture.

?? The last type is Hater Type. This culture often belongs to the creative small firm or the company’s initial stage.The structure of such company is simple and the grade differential won’t be obvious.

The employee in the company will feel free to show their creativity, with less restriction. ?? We have defined four kinds of company culture. The company with different culture really do exist and should be respected. In practice, one of company’s culture often blends with several kinds of culture or one kind as mainly.

A truly successful company is one that can use the advantages of all kinds of culture and make great efforts to coordinate with them.


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