Founding Fathers Essay

Just wonder what they would say if our founding fathers saw the world of today.

Houses, cars, and others are all different from when the founding fathers lived. Benjamin Franklin would be surprised with all of the electricity used, George Washington would be honored to have his last name as the capital of the USA, and Thomas Jefferson would look at the clocks of today and think what happened over the years. Founding Fathers would be surprised of the new world. George Washington was our first president. If he would be in the world today, would he be happy or disappointed of our government?Just think women can vote now, but couldn’t vote back then. It is a big change in our history. If I were George Washington I would be very amazed that women could vote. George Washington was our first president if he were the president now would he make the right to vote for women? Looking back then and today was George Washington a better president than the ones we have today? George Washington was our first president what would he think.

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Benjamin Franklin is a very important Founding Fathers because he invented electricity.I think Benjamin Franklin would be amazed with all the electricity we use today. Back then Benjamin Franklin had electricity but not as much as we have. Would he be amazed or feel normal about all of the electricity we use today? Would he say I don’t want to pay for all the electricity. I think he would be kind of angry that we would have to pay for the electricity. If Benjamin Franklin were here seeing all of the electricity what would he say? Thomas Jefferson was our 3rd president, he established the religious freedom, and was also the founder of University of Virginia.Him being our third president would he think the same things as George Washington or think differently about or government? I would think the same as George Washington, but kind of disagree with him.

Would he be a better president today than back then? He would have been a great president now than he was back then and he would’ve been making better choices. Would Jefferson make the same choices as George Washington? Our Founding Fathers would be very interested and amazed of our world today. Imagine them being our presidents now. I think that they would be excellent in our world today.


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