Formerly known as british telecom Essay

BT Group plc is once known as British Telecom. It is besides the privatized UK province telecommunications operator.

It is the taking fixed line telecommunications and broadband Internet supplier in the United Kingdom. BT operates in more than 170 states and about a 3rd of its gross now comes from its Global Services division. BT Group is the largest communications service supplier in the United Kingdom. It is besides one of the largest communicating companies in the universe ( British Telecommunication, 2007 ) . The Company is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

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At the present clip, BT has become a many-sided administration offering general consumer goods and services through new sophisticated engineerings but alongside this has created a commercial offering with consultancy and concern solutions in order to guarantee enlargement and a long life secure for the company through differing markets. BT is really devoted in the recognition of the primary beginning of its client base within commercial mercantile establishments therefore the focal point for the concern falls within this map. However the domestic market retains a ample portion of the entire gross generated therefore the sector is carefully managed and invested in which enables the security of this sector.In this study we will analyze the mission statements of BT, cardinal aims, internal and external environmental factors and information systems with the degrees of direction.

The Mission Statement of British Telecommunication

Mission statement is alone intent that differentiates an administration from the other companies of the same type. A mission statement needs to pass on the kernel of its administration to its stakeholders and to the populace. There are two sorts of mission statements:

General aims

In general it indicates how they do instead than where they would be.

In other words journey instead than finish. They are ever long term aims. Normally, there are no shutting stages on this sort of mission statement but it is ever measured by its ends. For illustration: cut down end product of waste or beef up the trueness of the components and so on.BT main executive Ben Verwaayen states the general aim of BT as follows:“ Our cardinal intent is to supply first telecommunications and information merchandises and services, and to develop and work our webs, at place and overseas, so that we can:

  • Meet the demands of our clients,
  • Sustain growing in the net incomes of the group on behalf of our stockholders, and
  • Make a fitting part to the community in which we conduct our concern. ”

( The Guardian, Wednesday 9 April 2008 )

Specific aims

They are incontrovertible mission statements that contain rules and clip periods in which all work should be achieved.Mission statements should be answered following Drucker ‘s four inquiries: ( E H Edersheim, P F Drucker ( 2007 )

  • “ What is our concern?
  • Who is the client?
  • What is the value to the client?
  • What should our concern be/ what will our concern be?

What concern is the company in? BT is making this by saying that it provides first telecommunications and informational merchandises and services to its clients ” . This truly shows the engagement that BT is non in the nomadic telecommunication service by at place and abroad ” .

But it besides states that they offer land lines in abroad every bit good for case in Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea etc. Therefore, the consumers would be the people who are utilizing the BT land lines By developing and working their web and run intoing the demands of clients, they mentioned increasing the value of the web. By telecommunication at place indicates their concern where they are now and supply first telecommunication service in abroad indicates where their concern will be. Lately mission statements are non about their clients and merchandises and services, but stockholders. In last sentence they besides mentioned what they will be making in the hereafter with the collaborated companies.

BT ‘s scheme and cardinal aims

BT scheme and cardinal aims can be stated today as followed: the velocity to the market, client experience and cost transmutation. BT has a future-proof, flexible, intelligent web to enable the company to present communications services that will run into their clients ‘requirements in the coming decennaries. They have a really clear vision of where they want to be and they are now taking specific stairss towards that end.

Their transmutation plan has three cardinal aims:

  • to heighten the client experience
  • to speed up merchandise to market times
  • to cut down BT ‘s cost base

And they are seeking to accomplish these all at the same clip. Therefore new agencies were set up in order to increase and better their public presentations such as 21CN21CN is designed to present a universe category client experience from end-to-end. It will drive a extremist simplification of BT ‘s operations, increasing efficiency and the ability to establish new services to market faster than we can today. It will authorise the client with control, pick and flexibleness like ne’er earlier.BT claimed that 21CN will present both tremendous cost-savings and the most advanced web in the universe for new services. They point to consolidation of equipment, the simplification ensuing from the remotion of legion bequest webs, and the flexibleness and grade of mechanization enabled by 21CN.

Its new web will do it more efficient, quicker to react to market demand and more flexible. It claims it will be much easier to establish multimedia, converged services and that clients will hold more control over their history direction and greater flexibleness in the manner they interact with BT and its web. ( Financial Times June/15/2005 08:44 )


With the economic globalisation and the widespread application of information engineering, endeavors are faced with dynamic and complex external environment which is progressively of import for endurance and development of endeavors.

With respect to political factor, BT was the vanguard of the reform of the telecommunication industry in Europe and the United States, and the success of the reform was owned much to the British authorities telecommunication policy, exceptional for the right pick for control policies. Economic factor refers to the macroeconomic state of affairs, universe economic state of affairs and economic position of industries. For illustration, the current economic crisis leaded to the slope of BT ‘s economic benefits. Due to the economic force per unit area, BT was be aftering layoffs which showed that BT had dropped at the company ‘s lowest state of affairs since the denationalization in 1984. The societal factor refers to the general factors which have indirect and possible impact such as population, income or buying power, national civilization and national instruction degree. Ecological factor basically means that increasing depletion of natural resources and ecological environment forced the endeavors to accommodate environmental protection policy.

For illustration, BT ‘s end is to cut down its C emanation by 80 per centum in 2020, at the same clip, BT has besides introduced a new theoretical account to step and hint C emanation, Carbon Disclosure Project ( BT, 2008 ) . Technological factor refers to the industry-related scientific discipline and engineering and the tendency of development. As a veteran operator in Europe, BT had won the pulling consequences through presenting the twenty-first century web based on NGN engineering, and accommodating the industry-leading engineerings and schemes to transport out the full concern operation


SWOT analysis is the analysis of organisation ‘s strengths, failings, chances, and menaces in order to place a strategic niche that the organisation can work G Lancaster ( 2002 ) .


BT is the universe ‘s oldest communicating company which was established in 1846 and still serves over 20 million concern and residential clients with more than 29 million exchange lines. It has a good repute of being portion of the European taking telecommunication service supplier. For case, it extends its market in other states, it is a planetary company and Over 60 % of Fortune Global 500 companies and over 65 % of FTSE 100 companies are portion of the BT client database. It makes BT has a strong trade name image and until now BT is still the lone UK telecom operator to hold a cosmopolitan service duty ( USO ) . Its strong base of long term clients makes BT financially successful due to its advanced and flexible organisation and its competitory monetary value.


The failing of BT is inflexible. BT is a large company, so it should work by measure and measure, it can non alter rapidly when meat the job.

But nevertheless today, BT ‘s repute is traveling down because its internet service normally crashed for long hours and hence takes a great trade of clip to reconnect. BT Home Hub WI-FI security easy to check ( Router makers use algorithm to bring forth WEP ( wired equivalent privateness ) and WPA ( WI-FI protected entree ) default keys. BT Home Hub ships with default encoding keys to code wireless web traffic utilizing either WEP or WPA. But the algorithm is predictable and merely creates a limited figure of easily-hacked keys ) . It is besides obvious that BT ‘s ain success makes it hard to enroll and develop staff rapidly plenty.


Experts predict great potency for future growing in following 10 old ages. And the current recession is favourable as people more specifically the clients and concerns are more cost-conscious. It is besides of import to observe that tonss of menace to new entries to the market which gives chance to turn even bigger nationally and internationally. BT ‘s well known in Europe can convey new co-operating companies all over the universe. Internet user turning rapidly, it means BT have chance to acquire more market portion. In 1994 merely $ 1billion market for BT and MCI but now it grows incredible.

Global telecommunication market is grow 20 % in 2008 compared to 12 % in 2003 which will hold a good opportunity for BT to make a new record. With the engineering of cyberspace, BT besides can develop new merchandise, for illustration: it can increase the velocity of cell phone to utilize cyberspace


BT was established in 1846, at that clip it was the lone telecommunication company in Britain until 1982 Mercury communications entries this market. It means BT should competitory with Mercury communications and BT market portion decreased. It leads to BT can non do monetary value easy ; it should compare with other company monetary value and so do a competitory monetary value. BT besides should better their merchandises, make it hold more competitory, because BT should maintain their old clients and make some new clients or take clients from Mercury communications, but it should be more.

In add-on, BT starts to lose the clients trust and the debut of nomadic phones decreases the use of land lines. The dainties get worse as large trade names enter the market with new engineering and low monetary values. The internet coverage of countries that do non necessitate land lines and new companies such as Virgin affect severely BT ‘s enlargement.

Critical success factors

Since the innovation of the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell, new epoch of communicating has started. In United Kingdom General Post Office ‘s Postal Telegraph section which became BT group was supplying telephone services.

BT group is the largest communicating service supplier in United Kingdom. Throughout history BT had legion advantages which influenced its success.BT had a monopoly in the industry till the duopoly sharer Mercury came out. These two telecommunication operators had an sole right to supply telecom services.

This duopoly ended in 1990s, and market was unfastened to be shared. But BT had already reached an attitude which is much stronger and unbeatable by rivals.Many of BT ‘s clients are based in the UK. BT Global Services deliver solutions inmore than 170different states, linking installings, communities and value ironss that are indispensable to organisations. Currently BT is responsible for about 28 million telephone lines. Furthermore the company is the lone UK telecommunications operator obliged to present fixed telephone line to any UK reference. In add-on BT operates most public telephone boxes all-over the UK.With high engineering BT delivers significantly good service of telephone, cyberspace and overseas telegram Television.

Current BT ‘s most dominant merchandise on the market is BT Home Hub which includes telephone cyberspace broadband and overseas telegram Television. Furthermore BT has launched many more successful merchandises throughout decennaries.


Operational Control

The operation control is the phase that shows and determines how the acting of specific undertakings that are set by strategic and in-between direction determination shapers. Normally, most of the undertakings in operational degree are structured.

Knowledge degree

This phase evaluates new thoughts for merchandises and services, the ways to pass on new cognition in other words the interaction, and eventually the ways to administer information.

Management Control-tactical degree

The direction control tactical degree proctors effectual or efficient ways of resources and public presentation of operational units. Most of the undertakings in that degree are semi-structured.

Strategic Decision Making

It determines long-run aims, resources and policies. In general, a good figure of the undertakings in strategic degree are unstructured.

Major types of System

The major types of system we can detect today are the Executive Support System ( ESS ) , the Decision Support System ( DSS ) , the Management Information System ( MIS ) , the Knowledge Work System ( KWS ) , and the Transaction Processing System ( TPS ) .

Executive Support systems

Head Directors use executive support systems ( ESS ) to do strategic be aftering about gross revenues calculating, budget, net income and personal planning. ESS serves the strategic degree of the organisations. They address non-routine determinations necessitating judgement, rating, and insight because there is no agreed-on process for geting at solutions.

ESS create a generalized computer science and communicating environment instead than supplying any fixed application or specific capableness. Furthermore, they are designed to integrate informations about external events such as new revenue enhancement Torahs or rivals. They employ the most advanced artworks package and can present graphs and informations from many beginnings instantly to a senior executive office or to a council chamber.

“ Unlike the other types of informational systems, ESS is non designed chiefly to work out specific jobs. Alternatively, ESS provides a generalised computer science and communications capacity that can be applied to a altering array of jobs ” . J F.

Rockart ( 1988 ) . At this phase such affairs like the concern purposes and rivals influences are so revised carefully. Therefore, senior directors are seeking to keep a good relationship with spouses and bing clients. However to derive high repute, they must be concerned about the function of client societal duty and have to make a flexible scheme planning that suits to the charges of economical factors.

Decision support systems

The determination support systems ( DSS ) aid directors in doing determinations that are alone, quickly altering, and non easy specified in progress.

They provide both problem-solving information and a communicating capableness for work outing semi-structured jobs. DSS have more analytical power than the other systems. They are built explicitly with assortment of theoretical accounts to analyse informations, or they condense big sums of informations into a signifier where they can be analyzed by determination shapers. “ DSS are besides designed so that users can with them straight ; these systems explicitly include user-friendly package ” . F Buytendijk ( 2008 ) . Associating to British telecom, the DSS survey by and large the options of maximization net income and find whether monetary values are suited in the market place.

Managerial Information Systems.

Management information systems ( MIS ) are used largely in direction degree system, direction demand information in different sectors like sale direction control, one-year budgeting, about investing analysis. On norm, they are oriented about entirely to internal, non environmental or external, events. MIS chiefly serve the maps of planning, commanding, and determination devising at the direction degree.MIS reappraisal and study on the company ‘s basic operations. The basic dealing informations from TPS are compressed and are normally presented in long studies that are produced on a regular agenda. MIS normally serve directors interested in hebdomadal, monthly, and annually results-not daily activities. MIS by and large provide replies to routine inquiries that have been specified an progress and have a predefined process for replying them. Most MIS usage simple modus operandis such as sum-ups and comparings, as opposed to sophisticated mathematical theoretical accounts or statistical techniques.

Ross Malaga, ( 2003 ) .

Knowledge Work and Office Systems

Knowledge Work System ( KWS ) is really of import because BT has different workstations like technology workstations, artworks workstations and managerial workstations, on the other manus Office systems do in BT different work like word processor, papers imagination, design for the company, electronic calendars.This system can affect a combination of work patterns, information, structures, people, and engineerings organized to carry through aims in an administration. BT usage information system in different degree of direction, there are a relationship between systems. Largely, BT uses three information systems: direction system, information system, and computing machine system.

Transaction Processing Systems

Transaction treating systems are the basic concern systems that monitor the operational degree of companies. A dealing processing system is a computerized system that performs and records daily routine minutess necessary to the behavior of the concern.

For illustration it ‘s like particular force in the ground forces, any operation demand to be cheque and secure for illustration: machine control, securities trading, material motion, and hard currency control direction. They besides study the determination to allow recognition to a client for case, this is made by lower degree supervisor harmonizing to predefined standards. “ All that must be determined is whether the client meets the standards. The maestro file is composed of distinct pieces of information ( such as name, reference or employee figure ) called information elements.

Datas are keyed into the system, updating the information and elements. The elements on maestro file are combined in different ways to do a study of involvement to direction and authorities bureaus and to direct payroll checks to employees. These TPS can bring forth other study combinations of bing informations elements ” . J Gray, A Reuter ( 1993 )


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