Formative Evaluation and Assessment Essay

Formative evaluation plan.Introduction.

Formative evaluation plan is the plan that is designed to assess the position of the ongoing instructional objectives prior to the end of the plan instead of waiting until the end to check on the overall results. This process is very important as the positions of given instructional objectives are helpful in the review of the teaching methods the teachers use, the kind of resources and the kind of learning activities that should be taking place inside the classrooms. It also helps to resolve conflict prone areas by proving a means of getting a response which is fast and instants and therefore corrective measures can be taken immediately. It also gives good records on how the ongoing difference administration resolution work is fairing on. By taking these into account, then an allowed form of revision is possible on.            The evaluation plan should begin early enough at the time of planning for teaching in order to consider and get feedback on different learning situations. It must incorporate stakeholders in the system and their likely concerns in the system plan that is their expectations of the implementations of the plan. Then the consideration of the possible constraints be it time, budget or resource comes into play.

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Then reporting methods are stated clearly to provide for transparency of the evaluation process thud exposing it for change.            The approach to this plan is based on what should be able to fit into the class that can be described as eclectic because it handles both features of objective-goal targeted, developmental-oriented and responsive. The plan should be stipulated as follow;At the end of each class lesson, reading skills should be tested at specific levels. The teacher should try to find the ability the student follow up of class work because at the end of the lesson or the end of the lessons of the week, teachers test on different aspect of learning including reading, illustrating, pointing out, listing various elements, their manipulative skills, arithmetic skills, and analysis skills if they are of higher levels and this mainly focuses on individual assessment. The real test plan should take a form like the one suggested below;            Lay down what the test is meant to find out.

This is normally done by asking pupils or students to perform certain activities and then drawing a conclusion from the student performance statistics.            A schedule of the test in terms of time and the method of performance should be stated. Then consider the areas that the test is going to cover with the targeted group clearly shown. Show the methods the test will implement and the assessment activities like biannual test and or the annual tests focusing on individual assessments with the results posted (Western Michigan University, 2004).            An assessment element is long term while an evaluation element can either consider the present state of the objectives with the test posted tests subjected to transfer of the analyzed data to the best diagnostic exam body for review, or the overall state of the set objectives.

The assessment plans should follow the criteria of a given stated specific objectives that is trying to find out if the goals of those objectives have continuously being subjected to test with the formative evaluation test and then the combined approaches will see the assessment plan go through both evaluations. This plan ensures that there is progressive short evaluations and long term evaluation.            The assessment looks at the different degrees of thinking and diverse learning styles while accessing students using different methods. This plan includes summative evaluation at the end of the course using some keys.

            Summative evaluation plan considers all the learning experiences derived from the beginning of the course until its end. This plan seeks to find out to what extent the course objectives have been achieved and the national goals reached. This implies that the overall triumph of the project is put under consideration. This includes all the measures that are attached to the course objectives stated at the beginning of the course (UoT, 2006).            In summative evaluation plan, interpretations of the results of performance should be presented in terms of capabilities of the individual in relation to the overall performance of class or school or the region, or it can be analyzed in terms of the individual performance of the students in different subjects. From the time of the setting of the course objectives, sketches and content the capabilities of the individual learners should be taken into account because as the objectives state the achievements in terms of the student’s behavior. This behavior must thus be looked at individually because different students exhibit different behaviors as a result of learning experience. It therefore becomes imperative to consider the individual performances in reference to student abilities so that corrective measures can be applied effectively to improve on the overall performance of the students.

After each test, on the process of interpretation of the test result draw the right recommendations from this, for example, if a student gets 46% of the test right, more effort should be put in content review and more resources allocated to this student.References.University of Tasmania.

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