Formating APA Quiz Essay

APA Quiz            The font is size10 throughout the paper, it should be size 12 as this is the standard for APA and MLA papers. To fix it, just change the font. Also, the paper is in Arial font when it should be in Times New Roman. The paragraphs are not equal length, some are longer then others. To fix this, the paragraphs should be the same length so either shorten some of them or make some of them longer.

The spacing is incorrect, it need to be double spaced instead of single spaced as double spaced  is the standard for all college papers. The title needs to be in the center and not all the way to the left. The margins are incorrect as well, they should all be 1 inch around the whole paper. This is what needs to be done to make the paper correct in APA style format.Quiz answers1.B2.B3.D4.B5.D6.D7.A8.B9.D10.C11.C12.D13.A14.B15.D16.A17.C18.B

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