Forbidden Love Essay

In this world the reality revolves between two genders, a male and a female. Maybe, people say it’s true but in our present situation there is what we called third sex classes of human exist. That is where lesbian belongs. They might be confusing in terms of appearance and looks but they get same way in loving someone.

Nowadays, girls are in relationship with lesbian, because they see guys in their presence. Even if there are some in the society who have not accepted the relationship between girls and lesbian, still they pursue their own happiness.We can’t blame some of the girls who are involved in girl-lesbian love affair because they have their reasons why they do it. And besides, lesbians are naturally caring and sweet because they are girls too, who could understand the feelings of a typical lady. Maybe at some point girls feel comfort in their arms, considering the truth if they are with the guys they think they will be just played around.

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It is still a big issue when two same sexes are paired together because some people think it’s not proper in terms of social partnership, but in our modern world today it is now rampant.Like ordinary lovers girl-lesbian relationship also encounter love quarrels. They also undergo different situations that would test their love to each other. There are many factors why they came to argues and misunderstandings, and one of those is the doubt of eternal love to their partners, knowing that in the very first place, they must not be together because they have same gender.

On girl’s side, they appreciate the efforts of lesbians because as what they say, they are more gentle and patient than guys.Lesbians are already open-minded about their standing in our society and maybe they just go with the flow and level up their looks to attract girls. They always look at the positive sides and hope that someday they would be accepted even though girl’s love for them may not be forever but still they try to express their feelings to their loved ones. As humans we intend to love someone that would make us happy, even if it’s not right and being condemned by others. In reality homosexuals are sometimes being discriminated.People judged them without knowing the realities behind them. They maybe unrighteous but they show real feelings towards others.

Sometimes, contentment is not appreciated by others but deep inside our hearts we feel someone completes us. I believe that love has no boundaries and limits, for a long as you feel the happiness and warm feeling of being in love in a certain person, no matter who she is and what gender she belongs, you are willing to take the risks and consequences in the name of love.


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