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For me,making the decision to study in Canada was not an easy one. Seventeen years ofcozy family relationships in Dubai breezed me through the rollercoaster ofschool-life’s ups and downs and yet, this security did not deter me fromfollowing my passion, which is art.

My schoolprojects and assignments were always graded an ‘A’ as they were creativelydesigned and my cousins and siblings always look up to me to give their projectsa creative touch.But theturning point in my life came a few years ago, when a stern push from my motherbrought out the dormant artist in me.Everystudent dreams of studying in a well-known university that provides numerousopportunities to its students and so do I. Iwas introduced to Ryerson and the various programs and facilities offered byit, during a summer vacation spent in Canada about 4 years ago. A veryconvenient location in the heart of the city along with a remarkable reputationmade my decision there and then that I will complete my higher studies at Ryerson, as I aspire to study in apopular institution with a vibrant culture, which Ryerson possesses.I havealways had a passion for art and technology, and getting into a course like’New media’, will help me follow my passion, would be a dream come true for me.This course will help me inculcate and nourish my technological skills and takemy creativity to new levels while also laying the strong foundation ofknowledge required for excelling in this field. I picture myself pursuing theNew Media degree in Ryerson, putting in all my efforts, dedication and time tobecome successful in this field.

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I believe that I will become a new kind ofinnovator and will develop myself into a better person each day studying atRyerson. I will gain not just knowledge by being trained under the experiencedprofessors but also exposure to various educational and research avenues. I know thepath to success is not going to be easy, but I am prepared to pass all hurdlesthat come my way.


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