For better of described to be attained

For decades now, Nigeria has been playing a fatherly role in African politics, providing economic support and peace keeping assistance, when and where necessary. For this, she is often referred to as “the giant of Africa”.It was not until 1st of October 1960 that Nigeria attained independence from Britain. Having been a colony of Britain on January 1st 1901.

Nigeria’s independence is better of described to be attained because there is more to how Nigeria became an independent country than we know. Little has always been told most especially, what we know is that it was peaceful and amicably agreed between both countries. But freedom always demands for a price to be paid before it can be granted.

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Curious to know more about how Nigeria’s independence came to light ? well let’s go on through the untold story of Nigeria’s independence. Every Nigerian had been convivial and high spirited on the first day of the tenth month of the year 1960 after being aware that the United Kingdom has set aside this day to grant Nigeria it’s independence as a sovereign state. The dream of her founding fathers late Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe, late sir Ahmadu Bello and late Chief Obafemi Awolowo among others has finally emerged into reality. The anxious Nigerians had stormed the Tafawa Balewa Square in Lagos as they where joyously celebrating and the display of fireworks could be seen, various dance group entertained the viewers as this day was going to be a memorable day that will forever stay in the hearts of Nigerians. This dream of her founding fathers had found faith of coming alive after the World War II. Between 1939- 1945. Nigeria had been obligated to support Britain in the war that was presented as a war between bondage by Adolf Hitler and freedom to humanity.

  Britain’s economy who still has not gotten to full strength following the damage caused by the World War I  was obviously unprepared for a World War II. Despite the critics upon the British colonial rule, the Nigeria influential leaders such as Nnamdi Azikiwe and Hebert Macaulay now appealed to all Nigerians to support Britain and it’s allies as they still could see reasons why Nigeria should not do other wise. The citizens of Nigeria never disappointed their leaders as they offered a selfless service to the citizen of Britain. It became more visible that there was a self sacrificing brother hood that existed between Nigerians. Young Nigerians were mobilized and recruited executing military and paramilitary projects which were executed to counter the attack of Hitler who now urges to take control of the Mediterranean in an attempt to take a hold of the supplies that could get to Britain and weakening her allies. These Nigerians although unprepared, fought for Britain as they would have fought for their home.

They went into construction projects also such as the construction of barracks to serve as base where the military operation to be carried out will be planned and also a place sited for arsenal. They also constructed railway to serve as a means of transportation. These young Nigerians were made to work excessively as every hand was needed to work to meet up with their demands on time.

  Hitler’s army not destroyed but weakened as Nigerians were joined by one hundred thousand military personal from other Africa counties in combat against Hitler and his army.


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