Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary For because it still happens nowadays. There

For because it still happens nowadays. There

  For the part two, I have chosen to write a poem by myself. I chose the theme of Gender, because it still happens nowadays. There are still some rules for different genders and there are still strong discrimination in some countries in the world.     This poem I chose to write in a woman’s perspective. She lived in ancient world. At that time, and I write the process of her realizing how to be a “lady”. She tried to fight with the society at the first point, but she finally give up because she found out that it’s too hard to change all of them and she was too tired so she gave in.     We have read that in “The Great Gatsby” there are some unfair treatments toward woman. I created my poem based on what Daisy wanted to be a beautiful little fool, and that is the reason why I named it “Life is so Simple”.  That is also the excuse that the woman convinced herself to give in.     I have mentioned that she also tried to fight several times, she tried to go out and play with other kids when she was a little girl, she fight for the ability of writing or expressing her own opinion, then she fight for the right to chose her husband who was going to live with her for the rest of her life, at last time was she tried to help her husband. I think that Daisy had done some effort on one of these things, she tried to chose her husband when she was in love with Gatsby. She gave up because she thought it was impossible and I think that was the reason why she cried her eyes out when she told Nick that she was going to marry to Tom. For me, Daisy and her daughter both are the original models of the this girl I have created. Also I was trying to use this poem to try to figure out why did Daisy give up the idea of getting married with Gatsby and I want to know why would some girls give up on the road of helping themselves to get more rights that they should have.