Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Football training programme Essay

Football training programme Essay

I have chosen Football because I am suited to it and I enjoy it. I do not have any injuries at the moment. I play for the School Football team and also play for St. Paul’s Sunday league Football team outside of school. Before I play a match I always check my clothing, studs, shin pads and also check the pitch for dangerous materials such as glass. Stamina is the ability to work for relatively long periods of time without becoming tired. Stamina is also known as aerobic capacity or cardio-respiratory endurance.

This is important to my sport because you need to last long period of time running around. There is a method of body typing called Somatotyping. Three extremes of body types have been described: * Endomorphs- have a pear shaped body, wide hips and wide shoulders, a rounded head, a lot of fat on the body and upper arms and thighs. They are wider front to back rather than side to side. * Mesomorphs- have a wedge-shaped body, wide shoulders and narrow hips, a massive cubical head, broad shoulders and heavily muscled arms and legs and a minimum amount of fat.

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They are narrow from front to back. Ectomorphs- have a narrow shoulder and hips, a narrow chest and abdomen, thin arms and legs, a high forehead and receding chin, little muscle and little fat. They are thin and bony all round. The importance of this to my sport is that you need to have a certain body shape to play in certain positions i. e. a striker generally needs to have the characteristics of a Mesomorph to be able to sprint short distances with explosive strength and power. This also ties into strength. Speed is the ability to move all or part of the body as quickly as possible. For our bodies to achieve speed, we have to supply energy to our muscles very quickly.

The muscles then have to contract in the shortest possible time. This is important to my sport because you need to be able to run with the ball for long or short periods of time. Agility is the ability to change the direction of the body at speed. It is a combination of speed, balance, power and co-ordination. The importance of this to my sport is that you need to be able to turn at fast speeds to swerve the opposition when you have the ball. We can improve our ability by training. We develop agility by rehearsing the movements made in our sport.

There are two main types of balance: Static balance- is the ability to maintain our equilibrium when stationary. * Dynamic balance- is the ability to maintain our equilibrium when moving. Maintaining our equilibrium means keeping the centre of gravity over the area of support. If we do not keep our equilibrium we will fall over. This is of particular importance to my sport. Co-ordination is the ability to carry out a series of movements smoothly and efficiently. This is very important to my sport because without it you would not be able to shoot on target let alone kick a ball! Reaction time is the ability to respond to a stimulus quickly.

A reaction can be simple, or it can involve a choice. This is also very important to my sport because you need to make split second decisions to be able to retain the ball and whether to shoot or not. For health related fitness we describe Strength as the ability of our muscles to carry out our daily tasks easily. For sport related fitness it is more helpful to describe strength as the ability of a muscle or muscle group to apply force and overcome resistance. There are three types of strength: * Maximum strength- this is also called static strength.

This is the maximum force that can be applied by a muscle group to an immovable object Muscular power- this is also called explosive strength. This is the ability to contract the muscles with speed and force in one explosive act. * Muscular endurance- this is also called endurance strength. It is the ability of a single muscle or muscle group to work very hard for a limited period of time. The importance of this to my sport is that you will need certain muscles to work for long periods of time. This can also be seen in other sporting activities such as rowing or canoeing where the same muscle groups work continuously with near maximum effort.