Football continues to act as an exciting and fun sport Essay

FootballFootball continues to act as an exciting and fun sport. This intense activity truly involves passion, commitment, and dose of roughness. Football remains loved by fans of all ages. This game now invites thousands of players and spectators. Football started in the United States during the nineteenth century and continued on from there.

I will now show how football started and came to life in America.The game of football branches off from a game played by the ancient Greeks, harpaston. Truly, this game contained no limit of players or roughness. The whole object stood to move the ball from one end of the field to the other. This objected was achieved by the players kicking, running, or throwing the ball. A more modern version of football existed in England. This existed in the 12th century. Football became too popular, though.

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The game became so popular that English kings like, Edward II and Henry VI, made the game forbidden because it took the people’s interest away from the sport of archery. Now, in America we can all play football freely.Football played in America can now be played on a rectangular shaped field.

The length of the field is one hundred yards and fifty yeard wide. The jobs of both opposing teams remains to defend the end zone. Now, at the beginning of both end zones, there lasts a goal line. Once the opposing team passes the goal line, they gain 6 points. After that, the team is allowed to earn either one or two points. The team can gain one or two more points by making a field goal, or taking another try to get into the end zone once more. A field goal equals one point and a two point conversion equals two points.The most popular league for football is the National Football League, also known as the NFL.

In the early years of the NFL, the league’s players considered the low paying football league to just act as a part time job. Therefore, the players needed to plan practice because of there other priorities. The NFL needed some encouragement. The NFL received its first spark when an all star halfback named Red Grange came from the University of Illinois and went to play football for the Chicago Bears in 1925. The way that he played continued to draw hoards of people to watch him play. With this, talent and a mutiple amount of encouragement from fans made the NFL begin to come to life.

Football forever will be loved by fans. America finally found something to do as a past time that remained enjoyable. Football came a long way from being played as before. I believe that as long as life exists, so will football.


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