Focus Writing Essay

For me most of the time I can say that I do like to write, but it’s the whole English writing that’s hard for me. Learning to write the English language was hard because it was a whole new way of speaking and writing a language. My essays didn’t turn out that good because of how I wrote them. I didn’t like going back and rewriting my essays because of the time it took me to write the best I could, but I think it paid off because I learned how to write more fluently and better in my essays. I enjoy writing essays because it helps me practice my writing.

When it comes to writing an essay, I can be creative, but when I’m trying to make my sentences flow well it just gives me a headache. I don’t like essays; to me it’s the hardest form of writing. Also I think it’s because I don’t practice writing essays much and my attitude doesn’t help either. The three things for me that I would want to improve in so I could write better in my essays would be my grammar, punctuation, and the descriptive details. I think proper grammar is essential to effective communication when writing an essay.

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In my Buhl High School English class Mrs. Bunn always gave us topics that were useless to write about or sometimes movies that she said were going to help us in college. I don’t know where Twilight comes into this and when we will use this for college, but I never got good grades for writing an essay about them because I never watched those movie series and never will.

But now that I see that it wasn’t about just Twilight but learning how to write an essay of a movie to paper with good detail.The improper use of things like subject verb, agreement, and plurals make my essays or what I write difficult to understand, and the message that I am trying give can be lost. Poor grammar induces a poor perception of the person. When using proper grammar it can be perceived as someone who is knowledgeable and educated. Using improper grammar sends the message that you are uneducated or not well read. This is a reason why I want to improve in my grammar because I want people to know that I am well educated and smart.

Punctuation is also another important thing when it comes to writing an essay.For example, when not putting commas, periods, or quotation marks in the right places, it can make your essays look bad. I’ve had this kind of problem when writing my essays. Periods, commas, exclamation points, and just some of the simple things in putting punctuation in an essay I know well. It is just the hyphen or the dash marks that I had trouble with in writing my essays, but I know that perfect punctuation can make my essay look good. For example, putting commas or periods in a sentence that runs on can make it much easier to break it down.With the use of improper punctuation, my writing will not flow as well as it needs to. Finally, when I am trying to write a good essay, I need to know how to write a good description of what I am going to be talking about.

Without good details the person who is reading my essay would probably not be able to understand fully on what I’m trying to say in my essay. Essays that are more descriptive are always more interesting because my readers will know more of what is going on than of an essay that has less descriptive writing in it.When I first started to write my essays I didn’t put enough descriptive writing in them, and it made my essay horrible. I never put enough information on the five W’s and H (Who, What, Why, When, Where, How) and that made my essays lack.

My essays were not well explained and Mrs. Peck told me that I needed to explain more in my sentences when writing. By me improving in adding more details to my sentences, it made my essays a whole lot better and understandable.In conclusion, improving my grammar, punctuation, and descriptive details will help me be a better writer in writing my essays. I still have three more essays and an OA essay to write so I need to get busy in practicing in improving in my writing skills. I feel that coming to a college English class can help me better myself in writing essays.

It is important in my professional career to be able to write not just essays but letters or other information down on a computer or paper well. I know in these couple of months I will make some good improvements in writing my essays.


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