Flying Spaghetti Monster Analysis Essay

As soon as one begins to read The Essay on The Flying Spaghetti Monster, they can infer that it is a paradoy. The essay uses the technique of puns with the name of “Pastafarians”, and exaggeration with the Global Warming Graph, but the main technique used was sarcasm. The entire essay was a sarcastic attempt to show that Intellegent Design (Creationism) isnt a legitament science with any kind of “backbone” or factual data making it inappropiate to teach in schools. It is showing that by comparing Christianity and Pastafarianism.

The essay states, “If the Intelligent Design is not based on Faith, but instead another scientific theory, as is claimed, then you must also allow our theory to be taught, as it is also based on science, not on faith. ” What that means is that Christianity was going to given the right to be taught as a science in school, and both Pastafarianism and Christianity both have the same amount of proof, which means that Pastafarianism should also have the same right to be taught in school.At first sight it may seem like comparing Jesus Christ, or God to a “Flying Spaghetti Monster”, is making a mockery of the religion or taking an insult too far, but this step needed to be taken in order for the point to be made. The author needed to take this extra step in order for the radicals of Florida’s school board to see that hiding a religon as a “scientific theory” is just a cheap attempt to force a religon on others. This last measure was essential to this satirical piece of work, and in all made the point the author was trying to make appear crystal clear.

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